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St. Vincent de Paul Parish School

Greetings Staff!

I hope this newsletter finds you well and rested on this beautiful holiday weekend. Let's make this week a great week of learning!

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The Week's Notes

The Week's Notes

PLCs: Please plan to meet on Wednesdays, during morning planning, for PLC in the top floor Project Room.

Stewardship in the Classroom: If you signed up for this committee, please plan to attend our first meeting on September 21st.

STEM Committee: If you signed up for this committee please plan to attend our first meeting on September 22 at 3:15 p.m.

Open House: Our Fall Open House is scheduled for September 23rd, from 5:15 until 7:00. You are required to be here for the evening. Our current families will be perusing the school, coming to meet you, and see what your classroom is all about! Just as last year, a presentation of some sort should be prepared for your classroom- your choice, but tech must be integrated. We will discuss more of this at the upcoming STAFF MEETING on September 14th.

Mum Sale: It's that time of year again! Prepping for Fall and cleaning out those summer pots. These are beautiful BIG mums are delivered right here to our school. All proceeds benefit the 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. this Spring. Order Forms are in the office.

Paid For Apps: I am stressing the importance of finding FREE apps. If you request apps that cost $$$, PCR will send them to me for approval. I verify that the rights to the app may be for "bulk purchases", meaning: we will be charged one $,99 fee for the app on all ipads (sometimes this is the case). If not, the $.99 will be charged for each of the 30 apps in your classroom. I will not approve these, unless you can plead your way into getting me to understand how often and aligned the app is to your classroom instruction (not unlikely, I just need to know we aren't wasting money on something that we can find for free.). You will be notified if the app is not approved.

Projectors/iPad Carts: Please make sure your projectors are turned OFF each evening. Leaving them on standby continues to run the bulb, which is very expensive. Please also make sure your carts are LOCKED every evening.

****CANCELED Sept. 14th: Sept. 14, The exaltation of the holy cross. Please cancel Mass at 9:00 on your calendars.

Safety: PLEASE make sure your doors are locked if you are not in the room. This includes a quick walk to pick learners up from specials. I need this to be a priority for safety in the building.

Committee Sign up Sheet: Please notice the sign-up sheet in the main office next to the sign in book. Please choose something you are interested.

Pictures: Keep them coming-this week was great!!! Just as last year, please send me pictures of your classroom activities-I use these for our Facebook page, Website, and Newsletter. I also document them as evidence for your evaluation at the end of the year. Please send them my way, all the time, with a short description of what your learners are doing.

Common Planning Time: I see many of you utilizing this time to work together on collaborating activities in your classroom, and identifying ways for other learners to tap into them- please continue to do so. PLCs will begin next Wednesday, and aside from that please utilize your common time together, effectively.

iPads: I am so excited about the possibilities that come with having 1:1 ipads in the classroom. At SVDP, iPads are an instructional tool- please be sure to have that conversation with your learners. Non-instructional games should not be used, unless it is a privilege or reward, and should be used VERY minimally. iPads are to be used AT THE VERY LEAST twice a week in your classroom. I am working with Scott to set up a day for him to come classroom to classroom and check-in with you. Please keep a running list of questions that need answering.

Teacher Blog: Here is the link to the website http://contentmanager.faithnetwork.com/

Please have this uploaded by Monday morning 8:00 a.m. Make this friendly, creative, and brag about the awesome things going on in your classroom.

The Week Ahead


Monday, September 7


Tuesday, September 8 (B DAY) (5th grade representative for Morning Gathering)

Wednesday, September 9 (C DAY) (5th grade representative for Morning Gathering)

Thursday, September 10 (ADAY) (5th grade representative for Morning Gathering)

2:30 p.m. Choir Practice

Friday, September 11 (B DAY) (5th grade representative for Morning Gathering)

Splendid September

Monday, September 7th: Happy Labor Day! NO SCHOOL!

Monday, September 14th: Staff Meeting

Tuesday, September 15th: Mum Orders due

Monday, September 21: Picture Day/ Stewardship Committee Meeting 3:15 P.M.

Tuesday, September 22: STEM committee meeting

September 20-23: Book Fair (classes to attend during PE period)

September 23rd: Open House (all staff required to attend 5:-7:00)

September 26th: Outdoor Movie Night @ dusk on the lawn

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