Environmentally Friendly Kitchen

Makayla Keith

Electric Stoves

This product is considered green because it doesn't use gas like gas stoves do, and it also takes less time to heat up. But the only con that I found to using an electric stove is that it takes forever to heat up. This product is green because it uses less gas and it's not burning up your electricity bill


Instead of using those harsh non-friendly to the environment light bulbs, use Philips' mini twister light bulb! It lights up fast, save lots of money on them. Also, you could always just open up your blinds and curtains on a sunny day, that usually solves the harshness of light bulbs.
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Recycled Glass Countertops

We know that Granite Countertops are really beautiful and can make your home look great, but have you taken a look at recycled glass countertops? To make these, they use recycled glass bottles which is very great for our environment. In my opinion, glass counter tops are the way to go!