Where I Stand

Concerns for the federal government

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Security in Transportation

Driving safe in the road or flying high in the air might not be as safe as before. The government has started doing PreCheck expedited screening program. This program allows people to go through airport security without actually going through the whole thing. Selected few are able to pass a standard metal detector rather than the full body scanners, and they do not even need to take off their shoes or belt buckles. This might help people move faster through the airport, however it also increases the chance of criminals going in and out of the country. Which leads me to the next concern.
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International trade

Canada has been known for being economic and trade country. Ever since 1500 Europeans have been attracted to our Atlantic fisheries, and in 1670 we have established a fur trade with the North and west America. Even after the first world war Canada still depended on America's imports, more than 68%. To simply put we rely too much on other countries' resources, we must lessen our dependence on their goods and support our own country's economy. If we do not do so, then Canada's future will be filled with people unemployed and living on the streets. The farmers we see now who take care of their crops will be different in a couple of years, they will no longer have a job and the land they used to farm on will be urbanised, skyscraper all around, hundreds of cars with drivers who are impatient because they are late for work, and the farmers living in the streets simply because they do not want to leave their home so they would blame themselves for letting this set upon on their land.

Check this video out this is happening in Thailand today.


The final concern is the number of people that are immigrating to Canada. The government has recorded people immigrating in to Canada and the numbers were more than double than the last five years all together. As the numbers grow the judicial branch needs to review more than 5000 files yet they can only do so much. In my opinion whenever there is a problem with the system of the government it is the responsibility of the government themselves to find a solution and fix it, and this is surely a problem. Since there are too many people applying for a visa or refugees seeking a safe place to live in, government officials cannot keep up with it. So because of this people come into Canada illegally by asking someone to smuggle them in. This is considered a federal crime because they enter the country not going through the system which the government has created and although it's process is very slow it keeps Canadians safe from terrorists or criminals.