No More Wind Power!

Stop this monstrosity!

Hard To Handle

Wind turbines are not the most efficient way to produce energy. Wind strength is not constant. Mother Nature obviously does not approve of this resource if she keeps changing the speed of the wind. Also, because wind is not constant, neither is the amount of energy that is produced. You would need a huge amount of energy to actually power a normal sized town like Princeton.

Wind Turbine's Effect On People


Turbines are a distraction to people! The noise from a wind turbine is equivalent to the same sound or a family car travelling 70mph. The country should be left untouched and the nature should be left undisturbed. On top of it all, wind turbines aren't the most beautiful thing to look at. Wind turbines bearably help us for the amount of money that is put into them.. So let's turn to another renewable resource!

Sara, Jake, & Tyler

Science hour 2!