Super Bowl Ad

In the Super Bowl commercial ‘‘No Contract’’(2014), T-Mobile, a wireless network operator, emphasize the freedom its customers have to quit their contracts whenever they want to. T-Mobile supports this statement by using the American football quarterback Tim Tebow to illuminate the possibilities you have without a contract. They, then display Tebow playing a variety of roles, like being an obstetrician, an astronaut and even a World peace activist. Finally, T-Mobile encourage possible customers to switch to their phone company by offering to buy them out of their old contracts. Using different scenarios (Hospital, Jungle, International Global Institute World Assembly) , T-Mobile exaggerates different roles in order to convey the audience that not having a contract give you more freedom and expand your possibilities. T-Mobile’s ostensible audience are both, the users from other phone companies, and the people that hold a contract with their phone operators, because only the T-Mobile users get the opportunity of deciding whether they want to have a contract or not.

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