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Minidoka County School District

Week of January 18-22

Never give up, don't quit

Upcoming Dates

January 18- Board Meeting

January 19- Calendar Committee Meeting 3:45

January 19-Technology Integration Specialist Meeting 3:45

January 20-PPAT Meeting

January 21-New Teacher Mentor Meeting

January 26- Cabinet & Safety Meeting

January 26-New Admin Meeting 10:30

January 27- IBB Training 5:00 PM (DATE CHANGE)

January 28- Minidoka Technology Audit

Feburary 11-IBB training for negotiations team only

February 23-IBB training


Please turn in Parent Teacher Conference Numbers to Ashley by January 29. Data collected should be by teacher. If you need the excel sheet formatted sent to you, please let Ashley know.

Student Achievement Goals

Student Achievement Goals for 2015-2016 were decided upon at the beginning of the year. However, the cut-offs for teacher evaluations were not. At the admin meeting these were briefly discussed. Please complete the rubric for your level, making sure all schools have agreed, since they must be uniform across the district. These need to be completed by January 29. If you have questions, please let Ashley know. (link below)

News from Special Services

Parenting with Love & Logic

Parenting with Love and Logic will be offered again beginning February 2 at DSC. The six week course is held once a week from 6:30-8:00. Please post flyers in your building in well traveled areas. If an interested parent does not have the resources to pay for the class, please let me know.


Leadership Luncheon

Region 3 & 4 Leadership Luncheon will be held in Jerome on January 20th from 10 am - 2 pm. Interested school district leaders are invited to attend. The topic of the luncheon will be increasing district implementation and sustainability through the use implementation science. Please let me know if you are interested in attending.

New RTI Module

Three RTI training modules have been developed for the implementation of RTI in Idaho. The latest was just released. Module topics are (1) RTI Overview, (2) Comprehensive Assessment System and (3) Tiered Interventions. These modules are about 35 minutes in length and can be accessed on the Idaho Training Clearinghouse website.


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Thank you for attending the technology PD day on Friday. Please encourage teachers to respond to the evaluation/survey being sent out and to give us feedback. I would also encourage you to ask teachers what they learned and what they are going to implement in their classrooms. This is also an opportunity to learn what technology PD or support teachers are interested. Remind them Ashley is available to help them.

PowerPoint and Google Slide Templates

Directions to Password Protect Word Documents

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Tip for Healthy Living

Healthify Your Recipes

Your Grandma's recipe for sweet potato-marshmallow-brown sugar casserole is the yummiest thing that you've ever tasted — right after your mom's apple and sausage casserole. And then there is chocolate cake, pecan pie, and all those other treats that have always been part of your favorite family traditions.

But wait! What's all that going to do to the healthy lifestyle you've been working so hard to establish for yourself?

Here are some ways to healthy-up your traditional family recipes:

If you're baking a pie, try a low-fat graham cracker crust instead of the usual butter-rich pie crust you usually make.

If everyone loves your creamy mashed potatoes, try substituting some of the cooking water for all that cream and butter. A great way to add extra taste and nutrients — add some pureed cauliflower to the potatoes. Some folks even serve this in place of mashed potatoes!

Leave the vegetables alone. Serve steamed or roasted veggies with a bit of garlic and olive oil instead of covering every veggie with a creamy sauce or butter.

Healthify baked treats by replacing oil with applesauce, and use whole-wheat flour instead of regular flour


Ways Instructional Coaches are Used as Compliance Officers

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