News From First Grade

Created by: Sara Browne January 2015

So far in 2015...


Reading: Everyone has been working very hard in the new year. We're off to a great start in our brand new language arts unit. Unit 3 is all about growing and changing. We'll be reading stories and beginning projects on this topic. Towards the end of the unit, the students will even be creating timelines to show how much they have grown since they were babies.

Phonics: The children are learning more and more skills which will allow them to decode words and read independently. We learned that y has many different sounds, and can sometimes be a vowel! It can make the long i or the long e sound.

They also learned to build and read words with new ending blends, ng and nk.

The students were introduced to compound words...ask them to name a few for you! They went on a compound word scavenger and searched for a partner with their compound word match. Then they created a compound word flip book to illustrate the meaning of their words.

Writing: The children are working very hard to become wonderful writers! They've learned to write an acrostic poem, and created their own about SNOW. Next week, they'll begin working on "how to" stories to tell how to build a snowman. For these stories, they'll use a graphic organizer to prewrite, edit their work with help from the teacher, and then publish and illustrate their good copy. These stories will be saved and put into their writing portfolios for their Author's Tea at the end of the year.

Math: These past few weeks, Math has been all about subtraction! We've been working to identify and solve fact families using the part-part-whole, and missing part strategies. This is helping to deepen their understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction. Keep working to memorize those addition and subtraction facts!

Coming soon...Topic 6 Subtraction Test!

Compound word scavenger hunt and partner activity

Use the link below to practice FASTMATH at home!

Social Science

Along with penguins, we've been learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I was amazed and impressed by the understanding and compassion the students have been showing in regards to the topic. They read stories and a Scholastic News article on the famous historical figure, with advanced vocabulary. They also made text to self and text to world connections as we read and discussed.

Taking a brain break and training for the Olympics with "Go Noodle"

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Let it Snow! Catching Snowflakes!

Indoor snowball fight!

As a fun way to review our long vowel words and high frequency words, the students participated in an indoor snowball fight! Each child wrote 2 words on a white piece of paper and crumpled it up into a "snowball." They then broke up into two groups and had a "snowball fight!" They threw the snowballs until I rang the bell. Then everyone had to grab a snowball and read the word out loud. We repeated this a few times and the kids loved it!

Happy Birthday Jack!

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Upcoming events...

Family Literacy Night

Wednesday, Jan. 21st, 6-7:30pm


Please join us for Family Literacy night. This is also a FAMILY FUN NIGHT! There will be pizza available, stories and crafts for the kids, and literacy activities for parents. I'll be presenting some ways to help your child at home with their reading and decoding!

Black and White Day! (End of our Penguin Unit Celebration)

Friday, Jan. 30th, 8:30am-2:45pm


*Look for a letter coming home soon with a black and white food treat to send in!