Figure Skating

Macy White

2014 Olympic Figure Skating

Figure skating was the first sport to be included in the Winter Olympics. This happened in 1908. Figure Skating is considered a sport and an activity. You can compete as an individual, in duos, or in groups. There are what are called four disciplines, such as men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, and ice dancing. There are also Non-Olympic Disciplines, such as synchronized skating and four skating. There is a blade on the bottom that make two edges (Inside, and outside). If you are a skilled skater you would know to only skate on one edge of the skate rather than both. Figure skaters have to compete at multiple levels that vary from beginner up to the Olympics (Senior). These take place at local, national, and international competitions. Then these competitions are included at the Winter Olympic Games, the World Championship, World Junior Championships, European Championships, the Four Continents Championships, and the Grand Prix series (junior and senior).

Team Figure Skating