Counselor's Corner

by Mrs. O

PurposeFull Practice: Respect, Lesson 2


Dear McKinley Family,

This has been a fun and exciting week, as we pondered our PurposeFull Practice- Respect, Lesson 2. Both staff and students have been modeling Respect in numerous ways. Below I highlight some of my favorite respectful moments from this week, and I share a few of the resources that I have been utilizing during classroom presentations. You will notice that I have included a resource on Bullying Prevention, as it is National Bullying Prevention Month. In my opinion, bullying behavior is one of the most detrimental forms of disrespect for self and others, and must be readily addressed when it occurs. We are fortunate that we witness very little bullying behavior (as defined in the video below) at McKinley School. I attribute this to the fact that our children have wonderful/committed parents and guardians who are teaching them the value of Respecting others.

Descriptions are listed below:

1. Mrs. Allen shows her Respect to our PurposeFull Practices Program by adding all of them to her student tee-shirts! Way to go Mrs. Allen!!!

2. Ms. McCamy teaches her class that interrupting is very disrupting (not Respectful), by way of a catchy little tune. Way to go Ms. McCamy!!!

3. Video- What is Bullying? The Actual Definition of Bullying: Imbalance of Power (Real or Perceived); Done on Purpose to be Mean; Repeated.

4. Our Mallard Respect Chant. Make sure to have your student teach you the moves.

5. Excellent Read Aloud: A Little Spot of Respect

6. Loving Kindness Meditation- (There's no better way to show respect.)

Thanks for all you do. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

Warmly yours,

Mrs. O (Ormachea)

McKinley School Counselor

1. Mrs. Allen Shows Respect for the PurposeFull People Program

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3. Video Link- What is Bullying? ( Part 2 Will Be in Next Week's Newsletter)

4. Our McKinley Mallard Respect Chant

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Big picture