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October 29th - Nov. 2nd, 2018

This Week at St. JPII

Monday Oct. 29th

BYOP - Bring Your Own Pumpkin: Pumpkin carving contest in the cafeteria @ lunch

Jr. Girls Volleyball Practice 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Tuesday Oct. 30th

Trick or Eat Registration Deadline please see Ms. Bjornstad

Wednesday Oct. 31st

HALLOWEEN (various activities planned throughout the day)

Haunted House in the Library: $1 admission (proceeds to Valeda House)

Jr. Girls Volleyball Practice 11:22am - 12:00pm

Thursday Nov. 1st

Donate Your Candy (large ziploc bag of candy) Proceeds to George Spady Society

Jr. Girls Volleyball Gold Medal Game @ ABJ Sherwood Park 4:00pm

Friday Nov. 2nd

Donate Your Candy (large ziploc bag of candy) Proceeds to George Spady Society

Saturday Nov. 3rd

Catholic Education Sunday Mass 5:15pm @ OLA Parish (St. JPII and SAB)

Chaplain's Corner

30th Week of Ordinary Time

Today’s gospel passage is actually the last miracle story in Mark. It comes at end of a long section where Jesus is forming his disciples. This section begins (in chapter 7) with the healing of a man who is deaf and dumb. By his being healed, he is being taught how to hear and how to speak. These were the necessary abilities of the Christian disciple: to hear and understand the Word of God and to share the message with others.
Later (in chapter 8) there is the two-stage healing of a blind man. This story clearly symbolizes the gradual opening of the disciples’ eyes as to the true identity and mission of Jesus. And the whole section ends with the healing of another blind man which we have just heard. This is not merely coincidence.

A blind beggar, Bartimaeus (only known by his father’s name), is sitting beside the road. He hears all the noise, is told that Jesus is passing by, and begins to call out: "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!" However, the people around tell him to be quiet. After all, he’s only a poor beggar. He should not disturb an important person like Jesus. In our life many people, things, and concerns can prevent us coming to Jesus. How often we "have no time" for Mass, prayer, getting involved in Church activities. But worse, how often have we blocked someone approaching Jesus? A child, a searching colleague or friend, a son or daughter who wants to give their life in service of others rather than a money-making "career"? But Bartimaeus will not be dissuaded and continues to call out to Jesus. Jesus hears. Jesus stops. If the man had not kept calling, Jesus might have continued on his journey. How many times during our day does Jesus pass by and we fail to recognize him and fail to call him?

This gospel reading is a mirror of our lives at times as on our own we are blind and poor with nothing of our own. As Christians, we have our eyes opened to the meaning of life, we are to undergo a radical conversion experience which gives new direction to all we are and do. We are ready to walk with Jesus on the way to Jerusalem with clear vision, with true freedom.

Click on the link above to read the complete commentary. Have an blesses week guided by the loving embrace of our Glorious God.

Upcoming and In the Works Faith Events

- Gr. 7 Faith Retreat: November 26, 2018

- Gr. 7 & 8 Days of Service

- Catholic Education Masses

Saturday, November 3rd @ 5:15 pm

Sunday, November 4th @ 9:00 am

- School Adoration: November 22-23, 2018

- School Reconciliation: November 27, 2018

- Parish priest visits to St. JP II: Thursdays from 12:05 - 1:30 pm

Catholic Education Sunday

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Thank you to those that were able to join us for our School Council meeting Oct 22. There was a lot to discuss regarding what has been happening in the school and upcoming plans. We encourage you to join us for our next meeting which is scheduled for Monday, November 19 @ 6:30pm in the school library.

Approved meeting minutes can be found on the School Council page within the St JPII website.

Our School Council is currently in the process of reviewing and revising our existing Constitution and Bylaws to reflect changes in our school name and to ensure it is in alignment with current legislation, regulations and recommendations from the Alberta School Council Association. On the School Council page on the St JPII website, resource documentation, as well as the existing and proposed documents have been added for all parents to access. We are asking and encouraging you to take the time to review these and provide feedback during the next School Council meeting where these changes will be discussed and determined.

Volunteer Needed - Hot Lunch – School Council is currently looking for a parent volunteer who would be willing and able work alongside our currently coordinator – Sheri McCoy. Tasks would include familiarity with the online ordering system, and working together to determine menu options with local vendors, submitting the order with the vendors, coordinating pick up/delivery of food from the vendors, monitoring payment for orders placed. If you are interested, please contact Stacey at

School Council Executive


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Well the kids have voted and the 2018-2019 yearbook committee is wanting one of our own student’s “work of art “ to be the cover page for our inaugural St JP 2 Catholic School yearbook!

Are you a grade 8 student? Do you like to draw? Are you a budding artist? We would love to see your talent displayed on the St JP 2 2018-2019 Yearbook cover! Please submit your entries to the school office for this year’s cover contest, due date for all entries are Dec 12! Please put your “work of art” on a 8 1/2” X11” piece of paper, it should include the school name and year- 2018-2019 on it but most importantly we are looking to see who best captures the spirit of our school and what ST JP 2 means to them!

Any questions, please feel free to email Cindy Dziwenko-Cox at

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The Importance of Catholic Education Panel

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Mark your calendars! Monday November 26 7:00 pm @ OLA Catholic School is our next meeting. The grant is already written, and if approved, the Fort Schools could receive over a million dollars for playground spaces!

So, what do we need?

  • Quorum - enough members of our 4 school communities to vote on decisions
  • An executive (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) to formalize decisions about the funds and decisions
  • Volunteers to help at one large silent auction fundraising event (the one and only fundraising event for the playgrounds)
  • Community partner organizations to volunteer time and equipment when the time comes to install the playgrounds.

Please join us at the meeting on the 26th to find out more and help us make decisions!

"Sneak" ATTACK Volleyball Club

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There is an exciting new opportunity for young volleyball players coming to Fort Saskatchewan. Please click here to learn more.

Demographic Confirmation & Yearly Consent Forms

If you have not already done so please take a few minutes to complete your child's Demographic Confirmation and Yearly Consent Forms on PowerSchool. Having the most up-to-date information about our students ensures that we receive all available funding to support your child's learning - and that we have current information to reach you during the day if necessary. Please contact Carrie-Lynn in the office at 780-992-0889 if you have any questions. You can access your PowerSchool ParentPortal here.

The annual consent forms allow your child full participation in all activities, field trips and events for optimal learning at St. JPII. Thank you for completing these forms so your child experiences the full learning benefits at St. JPII.

EICS Family Wellness Program

Program Overview

The Elk Island Catholic Schools Family Wellness Program provides short-term supportive assistance to students and their parents and guardians. Services are provided free of charge and may take place at school and/or in home and community settings.

Service Delivery

Each school is staffed with a Family Wellness Worker (FWW), who works under the direction of their School Principal and the Assistant Superintendent of Faith & Wellness. FWW's receive clinical guidance from a Registered Psychologist.

The primary function of the Family Wellness team is to provide social and emotional support to students and families. Family Wellness Workers meet with students and parents to assess needs, set goals, identify required supports, and plan appropriate interventions.

They collaborate with school system staff and community resources to build a “village” of support around students/families who are struggling.


Parental consent is required for FWW services.

Referrals to the Family Wellness Program may be made by students, parents/guardians, school administration, teachers, or other school staff (e.g. school counsellor or collaborative response coordinator).

Parents and guardians can access these services by speaking with the Principal or contacting the school's Family Wellness Worker directly.

Family Wellness Contact Information

Amanda Davidson RSW, BSW

St. John Paul ll

St. Andre Bessette

(p) 780-860-4621

Upcoming Community Supports for Parents

Co Parenting Workshop

Helping Families Thrive not Just Survive

The presenters will help you find new ways to:

• Make your child a priority

• Understand the impact of separation conflict on children’s brain development

• Understand the impact of separation on your child

• Choose a better way to communicate with each other

• Learn skills to deal with resentment, anger and conflict

Registration is required - 780 235 8212

Fee: $40.00 per person

Date: Saturday, November 17, 2018

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Location: Park Centre & Hotel, Sherwood Park

Parents Empowering Parents

Do you have a child using or abusing drugs and/or alcohol?

Do you feel embarrassed, exhausted, hopeless, or alone?

Parents Empowering Parents Society

2001 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3W7

or online at


#200, 501 Festival Avenue, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4X3

(2nd Floor, Community Centre, in Centre in the Park, next to County Hall)

Support Line 780.293.0737

Ph: 780.410.8516 • Fax: 780.449.1220


Cafeteria in St. John Paul II Catholic School

Meals available daily: Chicken strips, Pizza-bun (ham or extra cheese), Salad (cheeseburger, chicken caesar, or egg salad), and Sub (chicken salad, egg salad, or ham).

Daily specials: Monday- Spaghetti, Tuesday- Chicken Alfredo, Wednesday- Pancakes, Thursday- Sweet&Sour Meatballs, and Friday- Chicken Fried Rice

Sides: Apples & Grapes, Apple Sauce, Carrots & Sweet Peas, Cheese Strips, Chocolate Energy Bites, Fresh Fruit Mix, Fresh Veggie Mix, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie, Pretzels, Rice Cereal Square, Vanilla Yogurt, Wowbutter Cookies, 237 mL white milk/chocolate milk, 200 mL juice (apple or orange)

*Menu changes three times per year* All food is prepared to meet school guidelines.

A regular meal with two sides is $6,

you can order a larger portion for $1 more,

and you can add an additional side for $1.

Pre-order online or cash purchases

Online orders- how to get started:

· Visit

· Click the order tab

· Create an account (use the email that is best for receiving receipts and create your own password)

· Choose St John Paul II as your school- lunches can be picked up at the school cafeteria

Visitors To Our School

In the interest of student safety, and to reduce classroom interruptions, we ask that all visitors to the school come directly to the office to sign in. If you need to pick up your child during the school day we are happy to call their classroom and get them to meet you at the office. Thank you for waiting in the office for your child to arrive. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
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