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October, December and February Meeting Reflections

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2014-15 Tech2Teach Learning Targets

Specific learning targets have been the focus of Tech2Teach Educators at each session. As was the case in 2013-14, this year goals have been set to give educators attending practical, useful information and experiences in integrating technology with teaching. "Just-in-time" opportunities to integrate technology with students for optimal student engagement as well as increase productivity were explored. Learning targets for each of the meetings this year so far were:

10/22/14 - Session 1 Learning Targets:
  • I can explain cloud storage
  • I can use cloud storage in multiple ways from simple to complex
  • I can plan and implement the use of cloud storage to impact student learning
  • I can effectively manage an online presence
12/5/14 - Session 2 Learning Targets:
  • I can use online assessment tools to make informed decisions about instruction
  • I can use online assessment to measure affects on academic and professional assessment.

Archiving Tech2Teach Learning in Schoology

This year, Tech2Teach educators have access to Schoology, a user-friendly, learning management system (LMS). Meeting information, helpful links, agendas and resources, as well as opportunities to communicate with each other are accessed through Schoology for all to use beyond meeting sessions. Below are agendas with information covered so far this year at each of the two sessions. Click on each date below to access the past agendas.

2014-15 Participants

Districts participating in Tech2Teach this year include:

  • Atherton Community School District
  • Beecher Community School District
  • Bendle Public Schools
  • Bentley Community School District
  • Davison Community Schools
  • Flint Community Schools
  • Flushing Community Schools
  • Genesee Intermediate School District
  • Genesee School District
  • Grand Blanc Community Schools
  • Lake Fenton Community Schools
  • Linden Community School District
  • Swartz Creek Community School District

Genesee Intermediate School District

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