Meter and Rhythm

By Bhavyadeep Jagdev


These are the definitions of Meter and Rhythm. Since the words are very similar, the definitions are also closely related.

Meter: a literary device which demonstrates the long and short patterns through stressed and unstressed syllables particularly in verse form

Rhythm: a patterned repetition of a motif, formal, elemental, etc., at regular or irregular intervals in the same or a modified form


This is how to pronounce the two words.

Meter: Mee-tur

Rhythm: Rith-um


Here are some synonyms or words similar to meter and rhythm.

Meter: rhythm, beat, accent, count, pulse, foot,

Rhythm: meter, pattern, pulse, measure, bounce, time, flow, cadence


These are examples of both terms. The first ones are some I found. The second ones are originals.

In this example, the first syllable isn't stressed but the second one is. Stressed syllables are longer and unstressed, shorter. "I" and "pare" are the stressed syllables.

Meter: "Shall I/ com-pare/ thee to/ a sum/ mer's day?" (Shakespeare's Sonnet 18)

Why IS/ the SKY/ so ENORmous?

In this example, it is showing the stressed and unstressed syllables. Stressed syllables are longer and unstressed, shorter. The stressed terms are the capital ones. This example has the regular/ irregular intervals and it is a patterned repetition.

Rhythm: "DOU-ble/ DOU-ble/ TOIL and/ TROU-ble; FI-re/ BURN/ and CAL-dron/ BUB-ble" ("Macbeth" by Shakespeare)

WIN-ter/ WIN-ter/ makes me/ GLAD; SUM-mer/ SUM-mer/ makes me/ SAD

Part Of Speech and Derivatives

This is the part of speech for both meter and rhythm and some derivatives of the words.

Meter: Noun

Rhythm: Noun

Meter: metering-verb, meterly-adverb, meterer/ meterest-adjective,

Rhythm: rhythming-verb,rhythmly-adverb, rhythmer/ rhythmest-adjective

Visual Representations

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