By Chad and Justin


The capital of Chile is Santiago.
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Physical Features

Two physical features are the Pacific Ocean, and Aconcagua River.


Some plants and animals in the environment are, shell fish, turuea, and


Natural Hazards

Are volcanoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

Natural reasourses

Two are copper and natural gas.

How do people interact with the Environment

Population [water and air]

Five cultural traits

Religion- Roman Catholic

Clothing- ponchos, flat top hats, and like Americans

Language- Spanish

Food- Bread, beans, potato, shellfish, and thick soups

Education- 8 years in elementary school

Population and Population Density

17.363,849 people

6552.396 people per square mile

Imports and Exports

Imports- Chemicals and vehicles

Exports- copper, fruit, and fish

Two places to visit

Santiago- go site seeing

Pacific Ocean- Go fishing and swimming