John Deere green

My favorite thing in the world is mowing lawns with a John Deere. My dream is to live on a farm with a barn filed with John Deere. I hope by the time I'm 12 years old I will one my own John Deere, so I go to my neighbors house and get his John Deere. One time me and my neighbor went to his nephews farm. AlsoI got to drive all sorts of John deeres.I got to drive a John Deere gator and we went as fast as it could go. And I got to drive a A 1944 John Deere and a lot of smoke in my face. When I was three when we went to my grandpas house his neighbor let me and my grandpa mow my grandpa lawn. And my grandp let me drive. And when I was to my dad bought me a John Deere. The reason why my community is important because I like doing it and if you live on your one you might have to do it to.

Joe diffy

My favorite song is John Deere green joe diffy wrote this song. You guys can listen to this song now.

John Deere

The reason why I'm a part of this community is because I rilly like mowing lawns.
John Deere Green w/ lyrics by Joe Diffy