The Flying Pins

Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Background History

Clause Oldenburg Created this sculpture.This art work by Claus Oldenburg called the flying pins made in 2000. Its 16 years old and is still standing strong. Its made with steel and covered with black and yellow paint.

Artist Statement

As part of a celebration of its achievements at the brink of the new millennium, the city of Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands, had commissioned us to create what its officials referred to as an "eye-catcher." Rebuilt after heavy bombing attacks during World War II, the city had grown into an important commercial center of the European Union by the end of the twentieth century. Its renowned contemporary art collection, the Van Abbemuseum, was adding a new wing and the city was planning to host the 2000 European Championship soccer tournament.
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Brenden Flesner