Cayman Islands

Jocelyn Hayman Dream Vacation

Cayman Island Facts

My dream vacation is to go to the Cayman Islands in the near the Caribbean sea.

My destination is located at the area of 100 mi² (259 km²) and it is also located in North America.

The reason i want to visit this place is because it so far the pretties island i have ever seen and because it is by north american to were i don't have extra because it is across the world.

This vacation so great because it has that warm summer breeze it has beautiful hotels to stay in for your vacation

The national flower for the Cayman Islands is a Banana Orchid

The Cayman islands is the territory of the UK now as the united kingdom although they are a British territory

the three islands that make up the Islands are the Grand Cayman little Cayman and the Cayman Brac.


How long will it take me to get to my destination will be 2 hours and 50 minutes, and

my destination that I chose is 1,141 miles away from houston.

The person that I will take me on my trip will be jersey Bish>

I will get there by a plane and the amount of money that it will be is $579 me and my best friend Jersey will be in first class .

I will stay there for 3 weeks time.


We will be staying in a 4 star hotel in Cayman Islands the hotel will be by the beach i would like the room to have two queen beds.

The hotel is called the Grand Cayman Marriot it has a beach resort.

The cost of my hotel for me and Jersey will be $342 for one week


The trip will cost about in total of $2,344.15 dollars

The loding cost will be $342 dollars per week

The spending money will be about $600 dollars

the food will be $500

The travel will be about $300 dollars

The airfare will be $579 dollars

The Gas is chep down there so it will be $1.15


I will be doing Scoba and snorkalling,Deep sea ltd and more

there is contests, crusis, sports water, activities and more

my destination provieds parks, water sports any activity that we usaly have here