History Of Pet

By:Yazmine Page

Toward 9.000 BC (the beginning Neolithic, with sedentary.) Humans started using dogs to hunt and to protect them from other animals. later,they were considered pets,in the sense of company.The first dogs were wolves that the humans domesticated.about 2000 bc horses were used in chariot battles throughout the Middle East. It seems that riding astride horses was a practice developed a few centuries later. The cat, too, does not seem to have been domesticated as a pet until about the 16th century BC in Egypt. Humans first started keeping animals as pets.The ancient Romans are known to have kept pets, particularly dogs and birds. Cats and horses were also popular with Romans and may have been considered pets, but they were also working animals. The origins of ornamental goldfish date back to the seventh century in China,

The fourteenth century the Chinese were keeping goldfish indoors in bowls as pets.many pet cats were put to death with their owners on suspicion of witchcraft. It was during this period that dog breeding became popular in Europe. Although many dogs were bred for herding, guarding, and hunting traits, some breeds were tailored to pet owners who desired certain coat characteristics, sizes, and behaviors. Pet ownership was mostly limited to the upper classes of society royalty, aristocrats, and landowners. The first American colonists brought a few pets with them to the New World, but life was hard in the colonies, and resources were scarce.The modern age of pet keeping began in the mid-1800s.

Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603) of Britain is said to have kept a guinea pig as a pet. people keeping rats for pets are traced to nineteenth-century London. Professional rat catchers earned a living by ridding the city of rodents. A rat catcher named Jack Black was among the first to take in and breed rats with unusual colorings and fur for collectors. Another man named Jimmy Shaw ran a rat pit, or a sporting house in which dogs competed to see who could kill the most rats. Mongolia during the 1800s by French missionaries. The animals were used in laboratory research beginning in the 1950s and became popular as pets during the 1970s. Hamsters are rodents native to Syria and other Middle East countries. They were brought to the United States in the 1930s as laboratory research animals and eventually became popular as pets.

The ferret craze began in the 1970s. Ferrets are descendants of European polecats and members of the weasel family. There is some disagreement among scientists and politicians about whether ferrets are completely domesticated or not. They have been banned as pets in California, Hawaii, and some municipalities. In California ferrets are classified as "detrimental animals" and are believed to pose a threat to native wildlife. In New York City ferrets are considered a threat to public health and safety.