the way to perseverance


what is perserverance

The quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though its difficult

cause and effect chart for sandy road

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Venn Diagram Comparing and Contrasting Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson

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Winston Churchill's persevering school

Winston Churchill was the prime minister of Great Britten. Winston was in the time period of when world war two was happening.Also the school was closing and Winston had a problem with this. Winston said "you should all have hope things will get better" as a fist solution. His second solution was to "don't let your mind take over"he said this because some times your mind can make things worse than they seem. Winston's third solution was to "never give in to the problem" he said this because if you give in you give up.His fourth solution was to "be more serious with the situation"and by this he meant if you act more serious then people will take you more seriously.

Maxcy Fillers test

Maxcy Filler had to take a test over and over again till he got it right and he didn't finally get it right till the age 61 that shows ambition and perseverance.

important lessons i learned from perseverance

The leassons I learned for perserverance of others is that you dont alwayshave to be the best just try your best..I also learned your imperfections dont define you.You can do anything you set your mind to.I also think confidence can help you through alot.So through this whole lesson on perserverance is belive in yourself