hawksbill sea turtles ENDANGERD

Report by Adrian

hawksbill on the endangerd list

The hawksbill turtle is a special turtle. like other turtles it has flipper like arms but its special beak and colorfull shell makes it very popular and stands out from the rest of the turtles. It migrates to rocky areas , reefs , and shallow areas. Sadly hunters kill these great turtles to sell it's shell , use the skin for leather , and to eat the eggs of the haws bill ( similar to caviar ). Now it is illegal to sell any type of product that involves the hawksbill sea turtle but people are still selling giant amounts of hawks bill products all around the globe!

why save them and what can people do?

scientist are saving the hawks bill turtle because they help keep sponge from over growing and suficating the coral reefs by eating sponge as one of there main sources of food. what scientist are doing is keeping people away from hawks bill territory and observing the turtles to try and find hawks bill turtles feeding grounds. Hopefully scientist can stop hunters from killing the Hawks bill turtle and giving these turtles a bright futer.

fun facts

these turtles have slight color changes added to its shell in different tempaters!

baby Hawks bills have a heart shape on there shells


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www. sea turtles .org

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