Vendor Blender

3rd Annual Blender

3rd Annual Vendor Blender!! Benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.
Looking for Vendors of all types, crafts, advertise your business, mary kay, avon, candles, jewlery, pillows, blankets, bows,... any of the sort!!! Even food vendors!
ONLY $25.00 A BOOTH!!
Invite your friends and pass the word around to all business people out there that might be interested in putting up a booth.
Previous years have been a great success!!

Email me at for more information.

Vendor Blender

Saturday, April 26th, 10am-4pm

15910 Old Richmond Rd

Sugar Land

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was 2 years old, He is now 10!

My family is very grateful to the God for giving us a second chance. So if we can help in any way to help to find the cause of and cure for childhood brain tumors by supporting medical research and to increase public awareness and aid in early detection and treatment, well thats our mission with the Vendor Blender.

Here he had to have a neck fusion do to the tumor..when he was 4.

These brain tumors tend to have an after effect also. This was one of many.

Ride For Kids

This day my son is a star to many bikers that support our cause.