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Kaitlyn Hotte and Clare Laroche

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Map of Japan (Watts)

International News

This Isolation of Japan:

Japan’s decision to close its borders to trade with Europe has made massive headlines. Japan came to this decision after beginning to distrust European merchants (Watts). At first, the Japanese welcomed international trade from European countries, but unfortunately, this did not last (Ellis, Gaynor, and Essler). Japan started putting restrictions on trade with Europe in 1638 when it forbid Europeans from trading with Japan, and prevented Japanese citizens from visiting Europe (Ellis, Gaynor, and Essler). Japan also experienced a change of heart toward Christianity. Japan, which had initially been considered a huge missionary success, slowly began turning hostile toward Christians. In 1635, Tokugawa Iemitsu created a list of edicts further banning Christianity from being taught, practiced, or believed in Japan (Watts). According to Iemitsu’s edicts, priests could be arrested and executed, and citizens were offered rewards for their capture (Watts). Although Japan’s isolation policies may seem unnecessarily harsh, they have come with some benefits. Japan’s detachment from the outside world has made the country independent, kept the economy stable, and allowed local businesses to thrive (JFS Staff). Will Japan’s foreign policies benefit the country or hurt it?

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There are many tools that are being used by explorers for circumnavigation. An important example of this one that is the compass. The compass is a navigational instrument used to determine direction relative to Earth’s magnetic poles (Navigational Instruments). It was developed from the Windrose and Magnetic Compass. (Stanton) Navigators use this tool to find which direction is North, which is helpful when making maps, following routes, or recording location. (Stanton) Because of this, maps have been made with more accuracy. The compass is currently improving the safety of travel, especially ocean travel which all the navigators use. (Navigational Instruments) Without this compass, navigators would have trouble knowing which way to travel. The compass aided in the discovery of many lands and oceanroutes. Without the compass, the explorers would not have discovered many of the territories that are founded today (To find out about newly acquired territories, refer to the “Travel” article). Thankfully, the compass has served as one of the best and most reliable navigational tools throughout history, and is still in use today.

Fine China

For the first time since the Ming empire began, Chinese porcelain has become available to the world (Ellis, Gaynor, and Essler). New vibrant colors have been created, making the luxurious porcelain more valuable than ever (Quing Dynasty). These pieces can serve as priceless family heirlooms and be enjoyed for years to come. Beautiful dishes, plates, tea sets, and cups are now available to the public. Buy these amazing treasures from British merchants today (Quing Dynasty).


The Philippines, a newly acquired territory, was recently taken over by Spain. The first recorded visit was from explorer, Ferdinand Magellan. (Spain Seizes) He sighted Samar Island, one of the various islands that make up the Phillipines, on March 16, 1521 (Spain Seizes). These small islands have flourished by trading with other areas in Asia (Spain Seizes). Over these next years, it is predicted that Spain will have fully conquered and colonized the islands. The Filipinos are not fully united, making it easier for Spain to conquer the string of islands. (Ellis, Gaynor, and Essler) A result of the Spainish conquering the island chain, is that Christianity has spread around Asia. Spanish priests have set out to convert the Filipino people to Christianity. Missionaries are starting to flock to the Philippines, and establishing churches and schools. The Phillipines serve as a base for the missionaries to spread the Catholic teachings in China and Japan (Ellis, Gaynor, and Essler). The Philippines have also sparked Spain’s trade with overseas territories. Spain has started shipping silver to the Philippines, which would be used to buy goods in China (Ellis, Gaynor, and Essler). The conquering of the Phillipines by Spain has lead to many unforseen results, including the spread of Christianity and an increase in trade with China.
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Europeans are beginning to view slaves as the most important item of the African Trade. These slaves are used to come complete work on plantations in the Americas, islands, and various outposts. (Ellis, Gaynor and Essler) Many of the Africans are transported across the ocean in the Middle Passage. These slaves were exchanged for valuable European items, such as fabric, alchohol, weapons, and bullets (Ellis, Gaynor, and Essler). Europeans rarely ventured into inland Africa to retreive and capture the slaves. Instead, they relied on African slave traders and local rulers to capture the slaves and bring them to trading posts, where they were bought by European merchants. (Ellis, Gaynor, and Essler) The slaves were then transported across the ocean to Europe, through the Middle Passage. For more information on where to purchase these slaves, turn to our advertisement from The Portuguese Slave Union! It is a profitable business that many Europeans take part in to fill the need for cheap labor. You’ll never know how much money you will make by trading some of your goods for this useful piece of property!

Spices for Sale

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Cape Town (Vallance)

An Native's Opinion on the Dutch in Africa

Clare: Hello Aneke, how are you today?

Aneke: I’m well, but I’d be better if it weren’t for the Europeans in my home.

Clare: How do you feel about the Dutch conquest of your homeland?

Aneke: The Boers are cruel people. They think they are better than my people (Ellis, Gaynor, and Essler). They use their religion as an excuse to condemn and rule over us (Boer). The Dutch farmers take away our land and possessions, and we are not strong enough to resist (Boer).

Clare: Why have the Dutch settled in Africa?

Aneke: Cape Town, the Dutch settlement in Africa, was originally intended as a docking and supply station for merchants travelling to Asia (Williamson). However, farmers soon began settling in (Williamson).

Clare: What have the Dutch farmers, the Boers, done to your people exactly?

Aneke: As the Boers moved in, they forced my people to leave their homes and move farther and farther north (Ellis, Gaynor, and Essler). They enslaved my family, friends, and neighbors to work their farms (Boer).

Clare: That is horrible!

Aneke: Yes, our life was much better before the brutal Europeans came. They enslave my people, take our land, and treat us like dirt, yet we are seen as the savages (Williamson).

Clare: What do you want to Boers to do?

Aneke: I will not be happy until every Boer has left Africa. When all the land is returned to it’s owners, all the slaves have been freed, and the country is once again free of European rule, then I will be satisfied.

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Age of Exploration Crossword


8. Muslim empire that ruled most of Northern India from the mid-1500s to the mid-1700s

9. people originally from Manchuria, who conquered the Ming dynasty and ruled China as the Qing dynasty

10. map makers

11. a country in Southeastern Asia made up of several thousand islands


1. "__________ _________ sailed the ocean blue in 1492."

2. exclusive control of a business or industry

3. _____ dynasty established by Manchus which was China's last dynasty

4. Dutch farmers who settled around Cape Town

5. brilliant Jesuit priest who made a strong impression on the Chinese

6. Indian troops

7. ________ kingdom emerged in the area occupied by present-day Ghana

8. island chain in present-day Indonesia known as the Spice Islands

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