Senator Chuck Grassley

By: Paul Bruns

Chuck Grassley

Chuck Grassley was born on September 17, 1933. He was born in Hartford IA. He is also the son Ruth and Louis Arthr. Chuck is a Iowa sentor! He is a Republican and is a member of the Republican Party! He graduated from the town high school. He went to Iowa State teacher college. Grassley repesented parts of Butler County in the Iowa repesentatives from 1959 until 1975. Grassley served in the Iowa House of repesentatives from 1974 until 1975.

Grassley married Barbara Ann Speicher in September 1954; the couple have five children: Lee, Wendy, Robin, Michele, and Jay. Grassley is a member of The Family, the tax-exempt quasi-Christian political organization that organizes the National Prayer Breakfast.

Chuck Grassley is an IA sentor. He previously served on the United States of Representatives, and the Iowa State legislature. He is also currently ranking Republican on Judiciary Committee. He also makes laws with other Sentors. He was also chairman of the Senate Finace Committee from Jan. to June 2001 and from Jan. 2003 to Dec. 2006. In 2005, Charles Grassley received a 7 percent rating on the Repulicans for Environmental Protection's.

In 2009, Grassley received the health policy hero award from the National Research Center for Women and Families!

Grassley was also named the hardest working member of Congress by The hill newspaper in June 2010, tied with Max Baucus. When he was young he work in factors and farms. He also taught at Charles City College. Chuck studied toward a Ph. D in prlitical science at the University of Iowa. I hope you learned a lot about Sentor Chuck Grassley and enjoyed learning about him.

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