Time Line


The American Indians

Time: Arrived 15,000-17,000 years ago

The American Indians lived in North America before the settlers came to America. They lived in tribes of people, and had different types of cultures and religions. They learned to survive in the wild, and were described as savage by Europeans. There were several fights with settlers, until they were kicked out of their homes by the settlers.

13 Colonies

After the Explorers had searched the new land, people from England came to Virginia, starting the first colony. They later claimed more territory which became the 13 colonies.

American Revolution

After the French and Indian War, the colonists began to settle in. They lived with England's taxes, until they couldn't take it anymore. They wanted America for themselves, and they started war with England until they won America.

Louisiana Purchase

After living in the small space in America that the new country had, President Thomas Jefferson purchased about a third of the country with the Louisiana Purchase. But all of this land had to be explored, so he sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on the Louis and Clark Expedition. They explored the land, and kept track of it all for the president.

Westward Expansion

After America got lots more land, people crossed the country by wagon and horse to start a new life out in the wild. But after a while, more people came until this wild turned into towns. Slowly, the wilderness turned into small towns, to cities. Getting across the country sparked ideas for trains and the pony express.

Civil War

After America gained more land, many people wanted to take their slaves to the west. But those in the north wanted there to be no slaves in America. Westward Expansion sparked the Civil War. America fought with themselves to the point where some considered splitting from the US. In the end, slavery was abolished, and America remained as one.