The Adventures in Babysitting

Kids are a Trip

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Whenever I babysit I sometimes have a hard time. Although it is up to me to get everything in order.

By Carolyn O'Brien

Super Power Found

When I was about 11 yeas old I wanted to work with kids. I started babysitting with my two older sisters because I was still kind of young. I have a God brother and sister so we would babysit them. That is when I learned the ropes of babysitting. I found out that I really liked to do it.

Long Time in the Business

I have been doing it for a long time. Since I have experience, more parents are comfortable with letting me babysit their kids. I have to keep in mind what the parent tell me to do. For example, when bedtime is, things they can and cannot do, or if they are misbehaving what I am supposed to do for punishment. In the end I try to end up pleasing the parents.

Call Me Expert

The power that I am so thankful for is that the kids listen to me, at least most of the time. I know how to threaten, but not in a harsh way. If I am giving directions I give them options to choose from. I try to be fun, but also I let them know that I am still in authority over them. I find activities for them to do, and let them sometimes choose what they would like to do. Putting them to bed is an adventure because they want to stay up, and play. They want a bedtime story to be read to them, and then they choose a book that is like 100 pages long with words that are printed smaller. They end up going to sleep after glasses of water, and hugs goodbye. Then I get to just sit down, and rest. By the end of the night, hopefully all of us have had a good time.

The Present

I am still babysitting today, with one of my sisters, and I still love doing it! I am so thankful that I am doing a job that I enjoy. Some people my age say kid are scary, but I say they are so fun to be around, most of the time. I am an expert at babysitting hopefully this article has persuaded you that I am. So if you are reading this and you have kids, you know now that I am an expert, so give me a call.

About me

Love kids, and I will try my very best to please you, fellow parents. I do have experience, and like I said I have been babysitting for some time now. As for as how I charge that is up to you, and I trust parents to pay me a reasonable price. I do consider myself an expert at babysitting. Thank you for reading this article, I appreciate it!!:D