Ancient Greece

By Vincent


In the next three paragraphs I will share what i learned about Ancient Greece. The first topic that i learned about is the various types of government. The next paragraph is about the beginnings of Ancient Greece. The Final paragraph is about Slavery in Ancient Greece. I hope you will learn just as much as i did. Enjoy!

Various Types of Governments

Ancient Greece had many types of governments and these are the stages that Ancient Greece went through. During the 7th and 8th centuries B.C. the kings and Queens disappeared. Soon after the Kings and Queens disappeared the next type of government was tyranny. The leader of this government was known as a tyrant. Soon after the third stage of government came the last stage of the Greek government was democracy. In 621 B.C. the laws of democracy were first written.

The Beginnings of Ancient Greece

In this paragraph I will talk about what I learned about the Beginnings of Ancient Greece. The first Greek people were simple nomadic herdsman. The first Greek people came from the grasslands east of the Caspian Sea. The Greek people started to enter the Aegean Peninsula one small group at a time from the north. While they were still entering the peninsula they invaded the Aegean that the Greek invaded was a site of a well developed civilization. Still in the barbarian stage the Greek demolished the Aegean cities.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

In this paragraph I will talk about slavery in Ancient Greece. A lot of the population in Ancient Greece were slaves. Slave labour produced much wealth for the citizens that owned slaves. When a Greek city was conquered the citizens would often be sold as slaves. If you were an Athenian slave you often have the chance to become free because Athenian slaves got paid for doing their work.


As you can see I learned quite a few things about Ancient Greece. Once again the major topics that I learned about are 1:The Various Types of Government 2: The Beginnings of Ancient Greece and 3: Slavery in Ancient Greece. My favorite topic was The Beginnings of Ancient Greece. What was yours? This as been my report on Ancient Greece. Bye!


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