WILD Tabby seeking LOVEBIRD

Ryan Pszczolkowski

All about me

My name is AJ. I am a domesticated and fun-loving, short-haired, Mackerel tabby cat with gentle, neutral-color, curvy stripes, who is always well-groomed. My appetite is BIG, especially for Fancy Feast’s Turkey and Giblets Classic. I’m a wild boy that loves to stay up late and party at night. I'm a risk-taker, climbing the highest places I can find. However, snuggling with those closest to me, being petted, and taking long naps are my favorite pastimes. In my free time, I love chasing my human friends around the house, especially when they have toys and strings for me. But, there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting in the window and bird watching.

Seeking a Lovebird

Seeking a Lovebird

As much as I love bird watching, I’m seeking a companion, a lovebird that shares my interests. One who is social and affectionate, from the trees of Africa or Madagascar. She must like to eat grass. She should have a stocky build, a short, blunt tail, and a large sharp beak in order to scratch my back. A Red-headed or Fischer's love bird is ideal because they both have colorful bodies. She must be gentle and not bite!