Eagle Eye E-News Dec. 14-Jan. 8

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.

What's Coming Up This Week?

Monday- (12/14) Show your holiday spirit by dressing in red-those wearing red can wear jeans today!
      • 2:30-1:30 1st Grade Related Arts Enrichment
      • Teacher Appreciation Lunch
      • Board Meeting to Celebrate Employee of Excellence Christi Beard
      • Rhonda off campus until 10:00

      -(12/15)- Show your holiday spirit by dressing like your twin. Get a partner (or 2) on staff and dress alike today, outfits may (or may not :) include jeans (No, Mr. H, this does not mean pants are optional)!
      • Car magnet money due
      • BoxTops Due
      • Grade Level Photo Booth
      • 9:00-10:30 Front Office Meeting
      • 3:00 Faculty Meeting with Dr. Brandan Lee (Stress Mgmt.)

      Wednesday- (12/16)-Show your holiday spirit by wearing your favorite Christmas sweater and jeans, we won't try and guess if it also doubles as your "ugly" Christmas sweater.

      • Grade level meetings in the conference room
      • 3:00 R2S Class

      - (12/17) Do you wanna build a snowman? If not, dress like one instead. Wear white and jeans to show you love Frosty!
                • Rhonda at Elementary Principal Meeting
                • Health Source Stress Break (Sign-Up in Front Office)

                Friday- (12/18)...You are ALL a "few of my favorite things!" Though the Sound of Music may not be a true Christmas story, it is still one of my favorite things! Dress in one of your favorite things today and of course, pair it with jeans :)

                • Health Source Stress Break (Sign-Up in Front Office)
                • End of 2nd Nine Weeks
                • All Grades Due by 5:00
                • Winter PLC Book Study Section Open
                • Mr. Hollingsworth Off Campus
                • Pundt Fieldtrip
                • Donations of Toilet Paper, Paper Towels and Napkins to nourish the soul and help a worthy cause!
                • All rooms should be shut down according to the online form sent before leaving today!

                Monday- (1/4) Dress today is casual unless you are meeting with parents or staff outside our building.

                • No Students Today
                • Work on "By Yourself" Essential Learning Document
                • View "Bullying" Safety Video
                • Meet as a grade level to discuss RtI (How's it going, regrouping, a look at the data)

                • 3rd Grade Science Benchmark Testing Window Opens
                • 3:00 Committee Meetings
                • 8:30 Front Office Meeting

                Wednesday- (1/6)

                • Grade level PLC meetings

                Thursday- (1/7)
                • Mr. Hollingsworth at an AP meeting
                • 6:00 School of Choice Meeting (Open to the community) at Sullivan Middle.

                • F and P Spreadsheets updated

                FYI: 12/11-12/18 3rd grade will have related arts at 7:55 AM. 2nd grade will have related arts at 9:35 AM to allow students to carol at local nursing homes. Mr. Shevy sent emails with specifics at an earlier date.

                The F and P Excel document update date has been changed to January 8 (It was 12/18) to allow you all more time to input grades before leaving for Winter Break!

                Schools of Choice

                Tuesday night, SIC/PTO had a meeting where Dr. Pew, Judy Mobley and Rich Melzer discussed changes for Schools of Choice. While no decisions have been made, we do know that a committee that was formed last year along with community members and district level personnel have been meeting to discuss next steps for Schools of Choice. At this time there is not much information to give you other than to let you know that as I receive definite communication regarding these decisions I will make sure you are informed. Please do not get bogged down in rumor or speculation. If parents have questions you do not feel comfortable answering please direct them to me and Brian. In the mean time, we are Ebinport! We are all working toward ensuring that we meet all the needs of our 620+ students and will continue to do so regardless of decisions being made for next year!

                Morning Meeting Focus This Week

                This week we will focus on dismissal expectations.

                Please remember, if we see children who are not adhering to the expectations we have set forth then it is a responsibility of us all to make sure we hold children to our school wide expectations, this includes front office staff, custodians, cafeteria staff, teachers, assistants, interns, etc.

                Here are the expectations established through the leadership team for dismissal behaviors:

                • Students will be packed up and ready for dismissal at their designated time.

                • Grade levels should wait and leave when their grade level is called.

                • Students should be lined up quietly in the hallway.

                • While students are waiting for car/bus they should not have anything out of their book bag and they should remain quiet.

                Please remember in our school ALL students are "ours!" Any adult should remind students of expectations established for common areas in our building regardless of whether students are with another adult. It takes a village!

                Setting the Example

                This week I had a humorous conversation with a teacher in our building as she walked down the hall with "2 on the blue." She said that a student asked her if she had to walk on the blue line too. She appreciated that the student held her accountable.

                While you are not expected to walk on the blue line, please be mindful of setting the example-especially at dismissal. If we are expecting students to sit quietly while they listen for their names to be called on the radio, we have a responsibility to keep our conversations with other staff in the hallways at a level that allows students to listen.

                Ms. Nivens

                I was informed this week that Ms. Nivens will be going to Sunset Park for half days beginning January 4. This means that we will only have Ms. Nivens at Ebinport for half a day. Ms. Nivens, Ms. Ayers and Mr. Hollingsworth have met this week to work through rescheduling students effected by this change. A revised schedule will be sent to teachers who have children in resource. We realize that this will also effect your RtI time and increase the number of students in your groups during this time. Please offer your support to Ms. Nivens as she makes this transition. A change of this magnitude mid-year can be very difficult, but she has accepted this change with grace!


                I encourage a representative from K-2 and one from 3-5 to attend PTO meetings. It is difficult for me to take back "suggestions" for improvement to this group when there is no teacher representation at these meetings. Yes, I know you are all busy and overwhelmed! This group meets once each month, if we rotate this responsibility it would mean no more than 1 meeting per year from each teacher.

                Rock Hill Schools Education Foundation Grant

                Grants are due February 1, 2016. Click here to apply!