Amazing Anthropods

BY: Jennifer Lang Vu-Pap Bio- 3


Students will learn about the internal and external structures of the arthropod. We will understand the function of the structures and where they are located. We will learn what role the arthropods have for the environment.

Arthropod- Background Information

Arthropods are a large phylum of animals that are invertebrates and have the special evolution of jointed appendages, such as a head, thorax, and abdomen. They include animals like insects, crayfish, spiders, and centipedes.

Grasshoppers eats other insects and plants. Grasshoppers live in the fields and meadows because they eat crops most of the time.The predators of the grasshopper include rodents, spiders, birds and frogs. They have a special adaptation of hair on their abdomen and feet with which they use to hear.Grasshoppers have large hind legs to jump, and wings to fly. Grasshoppers are in the Caelifera family.

The crayfish is an aquatic animal that is a bottom feeder and dweller. Crayfish eat worms, insects, plants, larvaes and eggs. They also have predators such as raccoons, opossums, muskrats and snakes. Crayfish have adapted to being nocturnal and hunting at night to avoid predators. Crayfish like to live in freshwater that doesn't freeze over in the winter. Crayfishes are in the Astacoidea family.

Body System- Skeletal

The grasshoppers skeletal system has three body parts; abdomen, head, and thorax.

The thorax has three pairs of legs' one for hopping and two for walking regularly. The grasshoppers skeleton is an exoskeleton made up of chitin that helps prevent outside from hurting their internal organs.

The crayfish skeleton is also an exoskeleton, and has three body parts; abdomen, head, and thorax. The thorax have four pairs of walking legs. The exoskeleton is up of made up of chitin, lipids, and proteins. The exoskeleton helps prevent outside from hurting their internal organs.

Human Impact

Grasshoppers eat the plants that farmers grow, and some farmers use pesticides to control the amount of insects and that also affects their health. The grasshoppers are eating the plants that contain those chemicals so it gets passed to whatever animals eats the grasshopper next and continues to spread like that.


Arthropods have been on earth since about 428 million years ago. They are among the oldest known animals to have lived on land, and they comprise over 90% of the animal kingdom.

Grasshoppers can make their sounds by rubbing their wings or legs together. They can jump 20 times the length of their body. That would be like a 6' man jumping 120 feet.

Crayfish live on every continent except Africa and Antarctica. You can find them anywhere else in the other continents.

Grasshopper Dissection