Nylon Eating Bacterium

Example of natural selection resulting in evolution.

A little background history

The Bacterium Flavobacterium is able to digest and metabolise nylon as their main food source, due to certain enzymes the bacterium possess .

Nylon is a tough, lightweight, synthetic polymer that is used in hosiery, active wear and swimwear, amount various other end uses

Nylon Eating Bacterium and Natural Selection.

The main characteristic that divides the Flavobacterium is that is has the ability to change and adapt. When you take a non-nylon eating variety of this bacterium and place it in an environment where the only type of food is nylon. Every single time the bacterium would evolve until it was able to consume nylon. This shows a very simple example of natural selection, where the most basic forms of life can adapt to whatever food the environment offers. This adaptation can leads to the Flavobacterium to have a competitive edge over other bacterium that mainly eat carbohydrates. This development also leads to variation in the species which can lead to more evolutionary processes resulting is further development of the species.

How does this process happen?