Mrs. G's Classroom News

May 1, 2015

Classroom Management

Whoa. Do we have spring fever, or what? We have had many discussions this week about how we are truly an awesome class. We just need to show it all the time - including on lunch recess!!!! We are working on it and Mrs. G will be the happiest teacher ever if we could have one math class after recess where I am not dealing with friendship issues that occurred outside! Interestingly, while we were having a heart to heart discussion about this matter I asked the students themselves what they think should happen about this problem and many thought it was a good idea to NOT have a lunch recess, but a recess at the end of the day with just our room. I am going to talk to Mr. Yates about this and see what he thinks. I really want the last 29 more days that we have together to be a positive, rewarding experience. I am going to do everything in my power to make that happen!

We did win the pizza party AGAIN! As a group, we really know how to come together and make things happen. We take pride in being a wonderful classroom with students who are creative, unique, bright and warm-hearted. We just need to show it all the time!

Introducing Anchormen Brendan, Liam and Logan announcing our classroom news on Mrs. G's youtube channel!

Mrs G's Classroom News

Language Arts

Most students have handed in their final copy of their realistic fiction books. These turned out really good. They will be displayed on the shelves in the media center for all students to see. If your child has not finished yet, please make sure they are working on it at home. We are ready to move on and focus on our next unit.

We have started our expert topic non-fiction text pieces. We brainstormed ideas we thought we knew a lot about and made a table of contents with chapters we want to cover on our main topic. We also learned how non-fiction is usually written in three different ways - descriptive, sequenced and comparative. We started our descriptive chapter using a web graphic organizer and illustrating our own diagrams of what we described to be downloaded into the website final publication. The students are excited and so am I. I love this unit! We will be celebrating the completion of this writing assignment with family and friends at our "Website Gallery Dessert Night". This is tentatively scheduled for June 9th at 6:30pm in the media center and computer lab. It is not a required event. It is just a way for us to celebrate the students' hard work with yummy dessert! More information will be coming home soon!

This week we finished spelling unit 23. I have lightened the load of activities for spellingcity due to the many other common core language skills and activities I would like to fit in before the school year is over. This week we reviewed how to use the homophones its, it's, lets, let's, there, their and they're. We also tackled the difficult skill of identifying simple, compound, and complex sentences. We did center work, played games and took an edmodo snapshot to see if the new concept sunk in.

In reading workshop we go into our new non-fiction reading groups. We learned how to paraphrase information we read and how to pick out the main idea of paragraphs. Students are reading their reading group non-fiction text and a choice non-fiction text. We have been discussing the non-fiction text features that are found in this type of text and how they help us better understand the information that is being presented.


We are half way through our fraction unit. We have talked about numerators, denominators, fractions of sets, fractions of wholes while using fraction strips and our newly cutted out fraction cards. We have also touched on equivalent fractions. Working on any third grade fraction skills will help your child practice this unit. We will test on Unit 8 next week, most likely Thursday or Friday. Look for a study guide coming home soon!

Social Studies

We have worked with Miss Massard all week learning about Michigan natural resources and how those resources can be used to make products that are used all over the world. They have been using a webquest I made a few years ago and will eventually produce a commercial for a Michigan company found in our Great State. The webquest can be seen at:

Genius Hour

We have been working on student choice passion projects for sometime now. Some students have finished more than one, some are still diligently finishing one that they have started, some students are finding that they need to abandon original ideas and move onto something that is a little more substantial and easy to present. The engagement that I have witnessed with this project has been outstanding. We have three more genius hours scheduled before the close of the school year. May 1, May 15, and May 22nd. The goal of these projects are to record their learning process and to share this learning with the world. Mr. Aten's 5th grade class has also been working on genius hour in his room at Maltby. We hope to get together with these kids and share what we experienced. I have also created a website that will show each child's work and will share this publication with you as it finishes.
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Upcoming Events (So much to do, so little time!)

May 7th - Poetry Day - Bring in your fav poem

May 7th - Pizza Party - Bring a drink

May 11th - All Third Grade begins to review for M-Step

May 19 & 20 - Third Grade M-Step Testing ELA

May 25th - No School

May 27 & 28 - Third Grade M- Step Testing Math

June 9th - (Tentative) Website Gallery Dessert Night

June 10th - Last day of school 1/2 day