Article about bullying

Truth about bullying by shamanthy June 3 2015


Ever wonder why people bully? It's a question thats always in a person's mind. Alot of people don't want to be bystanders but they are afraid of what will happen to them. In a case like this it's best to stand up for yourself.

People can direct frustration, hurt,anger or difficultly at home or in class to you by bullying.

Even lack of attention from friends, parents or teachers can make a person bully you. It can be to feel popular and seem as tough or cool and in charge. Some kids learned bullying from others like parents, brothers or sisters even friends. They see them getting their way by being angry or pushing people around. Some people do this because they are victims themselves.

Some bully because they are happy to see their calssmates depressed, sad or hurt. Some watch a lot of violent films or video games that can make a person try out violent things. They usually try them out on people that seem smaller or weaker to them. Some people are bullied for no good reason. But it's sometimes because they are different in some way. Like how they talk or the size of their name. Some peope get bullied because they won't stamd up themselves.

The main reason why people get bullied is because of their size (too big or small too short too tall). Even skin colour. Special needs, disability of some sort. Even if a person has bad temper they tent to bully the person to get them mad. Or peope with no friends. People will tease you for an embarrassing event you got involved in.

Everyone thinks that bullying only affects the victims. No it's not just the victim that is being affected. The bully itself is also is affected by this. These are how victims get affected.

They lose interest in school, they suffer eating or sleeping. They lose interest in their favorite activity. Some end up committing suicide.

These are the affects of the bully.

If the victim does not stand up then the bully will take this into their adulthood. They will start to take alcohol or drug at a young age. They will drop out of school early. If they ever end up having a family they will become abusers towards their spouse and children.

If your being bullied in school you should start to get involved in bigger groups of people so you have more power then the bully. Or even tell an adult. Now a days bullies use tec to bully. It 's called cyber bullying. Now if you imform thr police they are able to find the person that did it.

If this ever happens it's best to tell an adult. That would be the best advice you could give to a victim.

Thank you.