Digital Citizenship Project

Ruben M.,p.6

1. Digital Etiquette

Rule1- Think before you post. Anything mean can hurt the person you are talking about and even your future.

2. Information Privacy

Rule 2- Personal Info: When giving personal info like phone number, email, and home address on any site, it sends it to spammers and your entire information can be anywhere.

3. Social Networking

Rule 3- Privacy: On any social network page, some people like friends or even strangers can contact you. The best thing to do if you don't know the person is to decline the request. Privacy settings can also be adjusted to whoever you want to see your profile.

4. Online Safety

Rule 4- Identity: When signing up on a website you never want to put your personal information as a username for example your real name. Anyone can easily can get your personal identity

5. Cyperbulling

Rule 5- Stick up for others: When someone is being bullied on online or on a chat, you don't want to be apart of it. If someone is is being cyberbullied, stick up for them and tell the bully that it is rude to talk that way. If it still goes on, tell an adult
Stop Cyberbullying

6. Plagiarism

Rule 6- stealing Ideas: When writing a report on anything for any class, using the same words as the person or author wrote that piece of information is plagiarism. You can either quote the piece of evidence or paraphrase

7. Copyright

Rule 7- Ownership: When you made a song that was never created, you are the rightful owner, so no one can copy your work without consulting you or whoever wrote it. When you copyright, you can be sued and be fined a lot of money. A author who legally owns something can only have it under their name name for so long till it goes public

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is anything that has to do with digital electronics. This includes things you post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. When you say something mean or so horrible you regret it, it will stay online is inportant to use digital citizenship because when you say something it can not be easily erased because it stays out in the world even when your are not physically alive. On a website or any social media app, you always want to follow the rules especially the terms of service.