Mrs.Baker's Class Newsletter

January 7,2016

What is going on?

Math: We will start the week with another day on money. Later in the week we will begin our multiplication unit with a look at arrays and things that come in groups.

Reading: We will begin continue to be figuring out what is the most important part! We will be analyzing how to find the main idea, topic, and important details in text.

Writing: For the next two weeks we are going to ‘get back to basics’ with our writing. Students will be writing small moment stories while focusing on the writing process. We will review all steps: Brainstorming, Drafting, Editing and Revising.

Social Studies: Students will become geographers as they study the world, landforms, and maps. During this study, students will focus on the continents, oceans, U.S. and Texas landforms, and how to read/make a map. Parents, if you have ANY type of map (ex. city, state, neighborhood, building, etc.) that you would like to donate to the class, please have them bring them.. These will be maps that we will pass around the class for all of the students to view. The more variety, the better!

Sight Words: We are learning the following words this week: before, don’t gave, laugh, only, sit, until, white

Please continue to work with your child to read, write, and spell these words with consistency.

Thank you for sending in money and maps! I appreciate it!

I used to place the money in old prescription or camera film containers. I have lost my stash in the move out here. If you could send in a similar sized tupperware container to place the money in. I would greatly appreciate it.

We lost Nayeon in her move back to Korea! She will be greatly missed. But we received Savya from Great Oaks! He is a wonderful addition to our class! He has folded right in to our clan.

Happy New Year! It has been a wonderful 2016 so far with your children! Keep reading! I will be working on finding out their new reading level in January!

Mark Your Calendar:

February 22nd Six Flags Reading Logs Due- We are making it a class goal for everyone in the class to complete this log.

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