By: Myles Coleman

History Of Company

Microsoft was bornon ideas and hard work. Many people don't know how this amazing company formed. Bill Gates is the man behind it all Bill grew up in Seattle Washington in the year 1955. In his early years he was very smart and excelled in everything especially with things to do with technology. At the age of 14 he started his own coding company. That is when Microsoft began to form into what it is today.

Progression Of Company

When Microsoft was first created in the year 1978 they partnered with apple. When they were with Apple mostly the only thing they did was code. Also when they were with apple they helped them form the mac book which is a very big product now. In about two years later they decided to break off and use their own ideas. It was a very successful year for them they even made the first Microsoft computer which was in the form of a box. Other companies were a little jealous and decided to fire back with better products. Microsoft became mad and hired more employees which meant which meant more new ideas. That's when the Xbox was created. When the Xbox was created they only had a few games for example NBA 2k. Over the years many people got tired of playing by themselves so Microsoft made Xbox Live which allows people to play with people across the country. At the end they just kept upgrading the Xbox and that's the progression of Microsoft.

Impact On Society

Microsoft brought technology to a new age. Many people were shocked when they saw the things that Bill Gates and his crew came up with. Now everyone uses Microsoft's products to do just about anything like getting around from place to place. Completing work on Microsoft Word. Microsoft is the new age of technology!

Important Person

Bill Gates has the biggest impact on Microsoft. He was the one who created Microsoft when he was in his late twenties. One thing you probably did not this but Bill started Microsoft in a third world country. Bill always had the idea of creating Microsoft when he was very young he loved to do things with technology. For example when he was 14 he started his own coding company with his friend. Now Bill Gates is one of the most successful people in the world. Also one of the richest people on earth.
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For this section of the website I'm going to talk about one of my favorite products from Microsoft. So overall my favorite Product is the Xbox One I like it so much because you can do so many things there is so many features to it. For example you can say Xbox on and it will start up also you can be playing a game and checking a message at the same time. Another feature is it comes with it's own camera so you can record YouTube videos and you can edit them. The last feature that's awesome about it is that it comes with 500 GB of data to use. Without Bill gates I don't know what would do on the weekends.
Don't Fight - Microsoft New Commercial Mocks Apple And Samsung
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