The Wonders of Kazakhstan

By: Emily Walshin

Important Holidays!

Kazakhstan's system for celebrating holidays is unique, because all holidays may be divided into national, state and professional ones. National holidays are held in honor of historically significant events for the development of independent Kazakhstan, while state holidays are indicative of socially and politically significant events, these including traditional Kazakh holidays such as New Year, Unity Day, Capital Day, and Constitution Day. Lastly, professional holidays are celebrated by only some categories of citizens, and include alternative holidays such as Police Day on June 23rd and Knowledge Day on September 1st!

Popular Foods


One may be pleased to learn that in Kazakh society, hospitality plays an integral role in tradition and cultural practices, given that there is an unofficial law voiced in ancient times, voicing, “Meet a guest as the God's messenger”. Considered sacred, hospitality and principles of public relations are interweaved into many holidays and traditional Kazakh practices. However, Kazakh is known for other traditions, such as Konakkade, a tradition associated with guest reception that preaches a host's right to ask a guest to sing a song or play a musical instrument. What fun!