December 2019

Alexandria Cool School Plunge Coming Soon...

The Cool School Plunge is an event designed specifically for students and staff to participate in the Polar Plunge DURING THE SCHOOL DAY! The Cool School Plunge aims to teach our students about inclusion and those with needs, all while having a great time.

This is a fundraising opportunity for every activity at Discovery Middle School (from sports to music). Our Cool School Plunge teams can raise money for a great cause and our school will receive 50% of whatever we raise to benefit student activities and the Unified Club. (This means helping purchase jerseys and equipment that we normally couldn't buy. Last year this included 2 portable scoreboards for outdoor activities, batting cages, carts, speakers, and other items for our programs.)

Students from BOTH Discovery and AAHS will participate in the Cool School Plunge and learn more about ways they can get involved with SOMN programs.

Lastly, parents, please sign this online permission slip allowing your student to participate. It takes about 15 seconds to complete! :) You can also donate by clicking here.

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Important Dates and Events

December 23 - January 1

  • No School - Winter Break

January 10


January 15

  • DMS Geography Bee

January 17

  • DMS Cool School Plunge
  • Last day of 1st Semester

January 20

  • No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 22

  • DMS Spelling Bee

January 28

  • Author, William Durbin to visit 6th graders

February 3

  • Orchestra Concert - Grades 6, 7, 8

February 5

  • 2-Hour Late Start Pre K - 12

February 14-18

  • No School PreK - 12


Through the generosity of First Lutheran Church and members of our community, Discovery Middle School has a food shelf. The Shelf is a resource for students and families in need. We provide some school supplies, grooming products, and grocery goods. Those that participate receive a weekly grocery bag called the "Friday Pack". Items included each week are cereal, snacks, 2 easy prep meals and many other kid friendly staple food items. The food shelf is operational due to a valuable student group who manages our inventory, shop for groceries and packs bags each week. If there is a need for goods, please contact any staff member of Paula Davis at 762-7900 ext. 4360.

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Engaging with Students In Creative Ways!

At Discovery Middle School our goal is to support and continue to build relationships with students each and every day! Teachers and staff focus on building positive relationships with students by greeting them as they walk into school, in classrooms, hallways, in the cafeteria and as they walk out of our building to go home.

We look for fun ways to grow relationships at DMS. In the past couple weeks, 7th grade hosted a home base dodgeball tournament. Let me tell you, students and teachers were excited to play, work as a team and be a little competitive before they had a full day of classroom work. We also have had a burst of interest in Mr. Olson’s 8th-grade classroom in the mornings! He has kindly opened up his room before school begins for students who would like to compete in critical thinking educational games. This is not your old-school board games these are a selection of short games that stretch your mind in a variety of fun ways. This gives students a place to land in the morning and connect with each other through friendly competition.

Student Council is hosting an event for all grade levels this month. Each home base classroom has an opportunity to decorate their door for the holidays. The theme that is given to each grade level is a Holiday Song! Looks like 6th-grade theme song is “Let It, Snow, Let It, Snow, Let It, Snow”! While 7th grade decorates around “Rudolph, The Red Nose Reindeer” and 8th grade will be “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”. Approximately, 50 doors will be decorated and students get to voice their ideas while teachers listen and gain insight into their thinking while they work side by side. What a fun activity for all!

To support our students we provide Above and Beyond! This program provides support for students who are seeking homework help, struggling in a class subject, needs computer/internet access to complete homework or just needing a quiet place to study with reference materials available. Above and Beyond is held in the Media Center every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:15 to 4:30. It is open to all students. Teachers are there to support and help assist students with questions during this time.

These are just a few of the many ways we want to support and build relationships with students here at Discovery Middle School. As parents, if you ever have questions please call us! We are here to help you and your student in any possible way.


Discovery's mission, as a student centered school of early adolescence, is to prepare all of our students to be successful learners in a technology-based, complex, changing society. This will be accomplished by providing a safe and caring environment where individuality is encouraged, by assisting students in the development of self-worth and responsibility, and by supporting student exploration in academics and recreation.