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Salary and time span of a Broadway career

Salary of a Broadway Career

Actors and actresses who appear on Broadway will earn more money than actors and actresses who only appear on Broadway. For example Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig each earned $40,000 per week when they appeared in "A Steady Rain" in 2010. The reason for this is that Famous people will bring more people to see the show.

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Time Span of a Broadway Career

The time span of a Broadway career vary for each show. So if you are performing on Broadway you may be performing a lot if the show is successful, but if not the show may be over after one or two shows. That is the time span of a Broadway career as a performer.

Broadway in General

There are forty Broadway theaters or places where Broadway shows perform. New York City's theater district begun around the early 1900s. On Broadway, tourists buy around 12 million tickets annually. That is the background/history of Broadway.


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