Come to our Annual Open House!

It's in the North Pole!!

It's coming soon!

At this open house we will be having a Christmas party for the kids while all the grown-ups talk. All of this below will be provided freely for the kids,
1. Sleigh rides!
2. Popcorn, Cookies, and Hot chocolate!
3. Movies!
4. Seeing Santa!
So come on along to our open house and have the time of your life!

Annual Open house

Friday, Dec. 12th, 4:15-8:30pm

North Pole,

Our Agenda

4:30, Arts and Crafts
5:00, Movie and Popcorn
6:30, Sleigh Rides and Cookies
7:00,Seeing Santa
7:30,We start the Par- Tay!!
8:00, We decorate the Christmas Tree!!

We are NPES!! (short for North Pole Elves Association)

We are NPES and we help you plan open houses, parties, and more. We do all the dirty work, we cook, we clean, we decorate.
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