Lizard Comparision

BY: Manjul R, Anirudh G, and Vikrant D

Horned Lizard and Northern Alligator Lizard Difference

The Horned and Northern Alligator Lizards are both reptiles that live in Texas, but they are very different. The Northeren Alligator Lizard has two types of scales on its body that help it camouflage. They also have skin that is brownish green that help it blend in with its surroundings. The Horned Lizard has different color variations that help it blend in with rocks. Also they also have a rough and ridge body that prevents predators like snakes from biting them.

Some Comparisons

Horned Lizard and Northern alligator Lizard Similarites

Both these lizards live all around Texas, so they must have some things in common? Both these lizards have brown stripes near there eyes that help shield of light during the day. They also have claws that help them dig into the soft Texas soil. Using there claws, they build holes in the ground that they use to rest in. Both these animals fead on insects and ants, other smaller prey wth there pointed snouts. In addition both these reptiles hibernate in the winter.