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Free meals!

Free breakfast and lunch will now be provided for all Crawfordsville School District students through December. No applications are needed! If you want to see what's being served, you can check out the menus on the Nutrislice app or directly on the Nutrislice website.
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Apple Week!

Apples are delicious and nutritious and we can use them for so many learning activities! Ten Apples Up On Top! by Dr. Seuss is one of our favorite books. Check out the video and see how fun it is to use apples to practice counting.
Ten Apples Up On Top! By Dr. Seuss Read Aloud

Wash those masks!

All of our Willson friends have been doing such a great job wearing their masks as required. We do ask that if they are wearing the same mask daily to please wash it before the next school day. Check out the instructions below from the CDC regarding proper mask washing. Thanks to all our families for taking this step to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Important Dates

Friday, September 25th Apple taste testing day. We will try different varieties of apples to see which is the most delicious. Contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

October 19th - 23rd - Fall Break

November 25th - 27th - Thanksgiving Break

Morning Preschool 8:00-10:30

Afternoon Preschool 11:20-1:50

Please be sure to send your child with a mask, water bottle, backpack, and the lanyard you received at Meet the Teacher night. This will help their first day of preschool go smoothly!

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Family Fun Activity

Each week we will use this area of the newsletter to post a fun family activity that you can try at home. It will go along with our theme for the next week!

Snack time fun with apples! Grown ups can cut up the apple and leave the rest to the kiddos. Spreading peanut butter and placing the marshmallows are great fine motor activities for this age group. The best part is you get to eat your project!

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Meet the Preschool Staff!



  • Bus drivers will be calling with your scheduled time for pick up and drop off.
  • Please allow 15 minutes before and after your scheduled time. The routes are different every day and when you are ready and waiting this keeps the route running smoothly.
  • A parent or ADULT designated caregiver must put the child on the bus at pick up time.
  • At drop off, the bus driver must be able to see a parent or ADULT designated caregiver before they will allow the child to exit the bus. If no one is there, the child will be returned to Willson Preschool and you will be called to make arrangements for pick up. If your child has not been picked up at Willson within 30 minutes, the Crawfordsville Police Department will be called.
  • Please call the Bus Transportation Center if your child is not going to be riding the bus that school day. You may also leave a message.
  • Crawfordsville : 364-3235
  • North Montgomery : 364-1071
  • South Montgomery : 866-2036

Absolutely no bus transportation changes may be made the first 9 weeks of preschool.



  • Enter the preschool parking lot and drive along the edge of the parking lot around the the playground fence.
  • Pull up and park at one of the 5 labeled car rider loading spots.
  • A school staff member will escort your child to pr from your car, in and out, of the building.
  • As soon as you have picked-up or dropped-off your child, quickly pull away and exit the parking lot so the next set of parents may pull up to the fence.
  • It is helpful to install your child's booster or car seat on the driver's side of the car for faster drop-off and pick-up.
  • All preschool-aged children should be secured in a booster or car seat.
  • Car rider line time is NOT the time to talk to your child's teacher. We must not block traffic on Wabash Ave. If you need to speak with someone from the school about your child's day, email, call, or Class DoJo message your child's teacher.
  • If you need to come to the school office, you must park in a parking space and enter through the front doors. No visitors will be allowed past the front office.
  • Please contact the school office or your child's teacher with questions.


Breakfast or lunch is served daily at Willson. Parents may send a meal from home. Students who attend AM classes will be served breakfast daily. Breakfast is free in for all students. Lunch is served daily for students in the afternoon class. Students will be charged $2.75 for a hot lunch. Parents may apply for free or reduced meals at:

Parents are encouraged not to send money to school with their student for lunch, but to utilize the Send Money to School app or website instead:

Detailed food service information can be located at:

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Text messages!

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