Manchester Township School District

Connecting Home and School Through Remote Learning!

A Note to Our Families...

It is our hope that this message finds all of our families safe and healthy. As we navigate remote learning, we want to take the opportunity to thank all of you for the tremendous amount of time and effort that is devoted to supporting your children. Our home school connection has become more important than ever. We appreciate you, we miss your children, and remember we are truly all in this together!

Our teachers and staff members are working hard to ensure that new learning and content is delivered in the most effective of ways as we enter 4th marking period. Please continue to encourage your child to stay engaged, knowing that we are committed to their success.

Please continue to check our district website for updates.

Diane Pedroza, Director of Curriculum

Linda Saraceno, District Supervisor 6-12

Maureen Moore, District Supervisor 6-12

Michelle Nichol, District Supervisor K-5

Curriculum and Instruction Updates

4th Marking Period Instructional Guidelines

Elementary Schools

New Learning Has Begun!

Our administrators, teachers, and staff members have worked together to establish guidelines for effectively delivering new learning. Consistent pacing which is grounded in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, will ensure that all students stay on track and allow for common assessment practices.

Get Weekly Updates on Google Classroom!

Are you named a guardian on your child's Google Classroom? If not ask your child's teacher for more information! This will provide you with updates to their progress.
Manchester Township Elementary School Media Center

Great resources to support remote learning! Check back regularly for updates!

Whiting School Media Center

Great resources to support remote learning! Check back regularly for updates!

Ridgeway School Media Center

Great resources to support remote learning! Check back regularly for updates!

Middle School

Support your Middle School Student

  • Establish a daily routine with your child
  • Have your child check in daily to all of their classes for assignments and up coming assessments
  • Discuss with your child what they are learning in their classes
  • Remind your child to submit their own work on time and to communicate with teachers if they have any questions.
  • Encourage your child to work through challenging content. This productive struggle creates grit and creative problem solving.
  • Make sure to give yourself a break and remember we are in this together!
MTMS Media Center Resources

Manchester Township Middle School's Media Center is a hub of information. Embedded in this link are databases and resources students may use from home or school.

High School

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Day Information

This link contains important planning information that students need to know prior to and including exam day.

AP Exam - Advanced Placement Exam Checklist

AP Students - Please look into your AP Google Classrooms for information regarding AP Exams.

2020 AP Exam Guide

This link inculdes information about the following: 1. Exam ticket 2. 5 Steps to Take before the Exam 3. Understanding the test day experience 4. Exam scores, credit, and placement

AP Exam - Key Information Videos

Check out key information about the 2020 AP Exams including how to prepare, the exam experience, and more.

English as a Second Langauge (ESL) Resources

Social Emotional Learning

Gifted and Talented