UTSW Department of Anesthesiology

Resident Newsletter February & March 2016

Wisdom From The Chairman

“The key to success is the rest of the team.”-John Wooden

I hope that your year is off a great start. The new year provides an opportunity to look for ways to improve personally and professionally. In this new year, I would encourage you to look for ways to make your team better in whatever circle of your life you are orbiting at that particular moment in time. If you are in the OR look for ways to help the circulating nurse or surgical technician. If you are in the pain environment or ICU look for ways to make the day better for the nurses helping you provide care. When speaking to a patient and/or their family, look them directly in the eye and be completely focused on their questions and concerns. When you are at home look for ways to make your child’s life easier or your spouse’s life easier. Helping the “team” function at a higher level and feel better about themselves will ultimately make you better in all walks of your life.

Charles W. Whitten, M.D.

Professor and Chairman

A Huge THANK YOU to All Of You Who Have Helped With Interview Dinners and Lunches

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Case Log Corner - How Would YOUR Jury Panel Rule?

It's Winter...2016. At UTSW, a panel of hypothetical jurors have been brought together to review an overwhelming number of case logs that have been logged incorrectly - Many are found guilty.... Could this be YOU??

Case Log FAQ's:

1. Epidurals that you place for laboring patients on the OB floor, that progress to a SVD, should be logged as a vaginal delivery. This means you will likely meet the vaginal delivery requirement of 40 cases during one month of chiefing on OB.

2. You receive several pain consults while rotating on the acute PMH and acute UH pain rotations. These consults count towards the requirement of pain evaluation: new patient. In addition, new patients you see in the chronic pain clinic also count towards this requirement. Due to the increasing number of pain consults you receive while on acute pain, you should have no trouble meeting the 20 minimum requirement.

3. Please make sure that while you are on your CMC rotation you are keeping track of your cases. You should be able to meet all of your minimums after rotating there for two months. Keep in mind that you must have 5 cases for < 3 months, 20 cases for <3 years, and 100 cases for < 12 years.


Review Dates at CUH (UH02.586)

Feb. 4th - 0600 (Dr. Maxwell)

Feb. 9th - 0600 (Dr. Marull)

Feb. 17th - 0630 (Dr. Michael "Core Conference")

Feb. 18th - 1500 (Dr. Efune REVIEW BONANZA!!)

Review Dates at PMH (Conference Room 03.508)

*Dr. Stewart will be putting a strong emphasis on ITE during each Parkland Lecture this month*

Feb. 12th - 1600

Feb. 18th - 1600

Next Resident Meeting will be March 1st in the Faculty Club from 1600-1730

UTSW Social Media Policy ISR-104

Please take a moment to refresh on our policy for the use of social media while a member of the UTSW Team. Remember, it's not just while we are on campus... it's a 24/7/365 expectation.


Social Media

All policies and practices governing UT Southwestern information resources apply when accessing social media sites using UT Southwestern information resources. At no time are users allowed to post UT Southwestern protected information to social media or other publicly available websites. In addition:

  • Users who provide health care services should avoid establishing personal social media relationships with patients. Doing so can blur professional boundaries and create confusion with regard to provider-patient relationships. Providers who wish to use social media to promote general information on health and healthcare should do so in coordination with the Office of Communications, Marketing, and Public Affairs.
  • Similarly, faculty or staff users who use social media to communicate with students or residents must at all times maintain appropriate professional boundaries and follow established policies governing relationships with students or residents.
  • Users should maintain standards of professionalism by respecting the privacy of fellow UT Southwestern faculty, staff, and students in social media postings.
  • Individual users may not create social media sites purporting to represent UT Southwestern without the approval of the Office of Communications, Marketing, and Public Affairs.

Clinical Ultrasound Workshop - March 12th

Dr. Joshi will be putting on our first clinical ultrasound workshop on Saturday March 12th in the CUH Lecture Hall. Of the 25 spots sent out... none were available two weeks later. We are SO pleased at the immediate interest and are looking into adding additional spots! If all goes well, we plan to discuss offering two workshops a year with the possibility of CE's. A huge thank you goes out to Dr's Asimi, Cheruku, Lynch, Machi, Manson, and Nonaka for their participation as course instructors.
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Sunshine Corner

-Riley Carpenter married Air Force Captain Thomas Lide on November 14. If you remember making the video for his 30th birthday during Vapor Camp when he was away in Afghanistan, you should ask to see the finished product ;) Or her wedding video...that's fun too.

-Travis Boud and his wife, Chelsea are expecting! The countdown is nearing the end... just a few more days!

-Elena Koepke got engaged to Sean Kraekel, Orthopedic Resident at GW in Washington DC shortly after New Years

- John Van Straten's wife, Marta, gave birth to a healthy baby 10:30 PM Friday, January 29th! Now big sister Sofia has a little brother, John Paul, to play with! Congratulations to the new DAD x2!

Encouragement Corner