David Garfield

My dream college

The college of my dreams is MIT, it stands for Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. this university is the top college in the nation for engineering and anything that shares the same interests. MIT is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The city of Cambridge has a population of 107 thousand while MIT accounts for 10% of that with a population of 11 thousand.

What is takes: A.K.A. requirements

In order for you to be allowed into MIT you need to first pass the SAT and ACT with near perfect scores and finish high school with a GPA higher than a 3.8. Along with extraordinary test scores on standardized tests you must also take two years of college level calculus, at least one semester of biology and chemistry, and proof of outdoing other people such as internships, sports, extracurricular activities, and many other things. If you are accepted without a scholarship you must prepare to pay a pretty penny, by this I mean it is very expensive. 1 year at MIT costs a little over $60,000 dollars for classes, and living quarters. Dorms take about $13,000 of the overall $60,000.

My fasinations

To my surprise I thought you would have to take more than one semester of science because science is the closest subject to math. I was also very interested in the special organizations that are offered on the MIT campus, for example, the high powered rocket society is a club where you build functional high powered rockets, because I intend to major in mechanical or aerospace engineering this club will very much so help me understand the concepts and ideas required to be a good engineer.

Subjunctive notes

  • Indicates what happened in the past, present, and future.
  • Indicates emotions, feelings, and opinions in the past and present but not the future.
  • Indicates commands and instructions in the present only.
  • Requires two verbs (conjugated).
  • Requires a "WEIRDO" expression.
  • Requires two different subjects.
  • W-wishing, wanting, hoping
  • E-emotions, feelings
  • I-impersonal expressions
  • R-requests, recommendations
  • D-doubt, denial, disbelief, uncertainty
  • O-orders, commands
  • Ar endings- e, es, e, emos, en
  • Er/ Ir endings- a, as, a amos, an

Subjunctive sentences,

Yo quiero que mi amigo Enrique se vaya a MIT con yo.

Yo deseo que mis amigos sean lo suficientemente inteligente como para ir al MIT con yo.

Yo siento que mis padres sean orgulloso.

Mi mama siente que yo pueda hacerlo si yo traato lo suficiente.

Mi papa prefere que yo quedarse en texas.

Yo Conozco que mis padres me va a ayudar.

Mi mama recomienda que yo haga todo mi trabajo.

Mi papa conte mi que va a sea muy dificil.

Mi maestra duda que yo va hace..

Yo dudo que MIT va acepte yo,

Mi mama me exige que yo haga todo mi trabajo.

Mi papa me exige que yo intente mas fuerte cada dia.