Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

What you need to know!

Factors That Make It Fair Use

  • Purpose and character - nonprofit/educational
  • Nature of Work - factual
  • Amount and Substantiality - little used (not the main emphasis)
  • Potential Market - Financial impact - no licensing - will not sell

Most Common Works Used

  • Motion Media - up to 10% or 3 minutes
  • Music, Lyrics, and Music Video - up to 10% or 30 seconds
  • Illustrations and Photographs - used as a whole - no more than 5 images per artist

Don't Forget!


How to Correctly Cite

  • Closing section of project entitled "Credits"
  • Author, title, publisher, place and date of publication
  • Images - incorporate name of creator into the image
  • May include the following: "Certain materials are included under the fair use exemption of the U.S. Copyright Law, have been prepared according to the educational multimedia fair use guidelines, and are restricted from further use."

Created especially for Madison High School Multimedia Class by Katie Weeldreyer and Kristie Olson

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