Avid Final Exam

Jayden Hill 1/11/16 7th Grade


Avid is a class that is preparing you for the future.


Cornell Notes- Cornell really helps students learn better. The reason this helps me by separating my questions by notes, highlighting important information, and conclusion sums up our notes that can make it easier to study.
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TRF has helped with my grades like if I'm doing corrections on a test. Also if a per and I our are confused TRF can help us to understand. Another thing TRF can make kids interact with other kids.
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Tutorials are activity that avid student due every Tuesday and Thursday weekly. On tutorials is a group, and in this we solve problems in our core classes. Tutorials are really helpful because if a student is confused from on a subject they can get help from tutorials. For example, if a student is doing test corrections or has a test coming up tutorials help them solve whatever they are confused on.


Avid Organization is a very helpful thing. Organization is important thing if you want an neat binder, also no falling papers coming out of your binder. Avid Binder checks are a thing we do that will make sure you clean your binder, but as you keeping doing it becomes a good habit.

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Writing Skills

We have been writing quick writes, a writing for a certain time, in our avid journal. In this avid journal we have written many stories. For example, how will your behavior be when enter high school and college.

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School Invovlement

avid student are required to be like the leaders of the school. So you are suppose to have best binder and have all supplies needed. An avid is always prepared like if someone needs a pencil you will give them a pencil.
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Community Service

Last year, all avid students at James Coble Middle School went Arlington Mission. Early in the morning we headed to Arlington carry boxes and put can in boxes. The reason we did was on Thanksgiving many people don't have food.
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Public Speaking

Public Speaking is very important in avid. In avid you write a story and present it to the class. our recent public speaking project was a memoir. A memoir is a memory that you had in your life. My memoir was about my weekend in New Orleans. While I was in New Orleans I attended the Bayou the Bayou Classic is a game during Southern University and Grambling State University. During this weekend is an exciting time, but I'm still not comfortable with public speaking.
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Avid what it Means to Me

Avid to me is preparing you for college. During the first semester we have learned many things that will help me successful in college.