New MLA Format Style Guide 8th ed.

Changes in Style Formatting - Prepared by Karen Leon

What are some changes?

You will be comfortable with the changes as the principles of citing and plagiarism remain the same. The conceptual framework and some technical aspects are different, but make using MLA more flexible for the growing range of non-traditional sources. The two links below will assist you in understanding the changes. Sources for MLA 8 help are updating their information and more information will be available soon.

EasyBib Fundamentals of MLA 8

Purdue OWL MLA 8th edition: What's New and Different?

  • One standard citation format applies to every source type
  • "Containers" represent the larger place in which a source is found
  • Changes in citing volume numbers in journal articles
  • URLs are back in for web sources if desired.
  • Media type is no longer included (web, print, etc.)
  • Publisher's location is omitted

Style Guide Comparison

The Model and Sample Citations

There is one model for all citations utilizing core elements. The core elements are:

Author. Title of source. Title of container, Other contributors, Version, Number, Publisher, Publication date, Location.

Of course correctly identifying the core elements is the challenge, and some citations require parts of two rounds of core elements.

As with previous editions, not all elements fit each citation.

**Please note - this online program will not allow me to indent the second lines of the citation so I used ..... to hold the place

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