Joint Replacement

10 body parts science is replacing:

  1. Super sensitive electronic skin
  2. Beating hearts created in a petri dish
  3. Prosthetic hands that sense touch
  4. Thought controlled bionic legs
  5. Miniature human brains
  6. 3D printed ears
  7. Noses that smell diseases
  8. Artificial pancreas
  9. Artificial eyes
  10. Fingers that store digital files More information and pictures at: http://listverse.com/2013/12/11/10-body-parts-science-is-replacing/

What is Osseointegration

Bone Integration is also known as osseointegation because 'osteon' in greek means bone and 'integrare' in latin means to become whole.

Bone integration is when having biological parts to replace ones that may have been lost. Most likely using a metal pole as a bone.




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