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What is poverty.... Poverty is a issue that some people still live in today. It is where there is no help no hope for those who need it. It is where there is no money, no food, no shelter. it is a sad moment to think about the families who cant care for each other. Think of the little kids..they have lost their homes and families. How can they live better. It is pretty much where people are homeless. Lets make the world a better place and make a change and help those in need help those who need it. poverty is the main cause of death.
Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror

Man in the mirror

Man in the mirror is actually a song that talks about how people making at least one change in their life time can make a huge difference in the world.

one fact: one fact that this song will show is that when people listen to this song make a change.

Immortal Technique - Open Your Eyes - lyrics

open your eyes

I choose this song because it talks about how we were promised a better country better homes and that never happened. People suffer every day.

One Fact: This song actually helps people to see what our community has become.

"Lean On Me" cover by Terry Tisna

Lean on me

I choose this son because it talks about how leaning on someone and standing by their side actually helps to know that someone is there.
Poverty ( Shawn Desman's song )


this song talks about how poverty is happening all over. And it talks about how people suffer from many things.