Logic Plan Project-Solar Panels

By Akhila, Ujwal, Laurelai, and Jai

Background information on Solar Panels

How they work

  1. The panels take in the photons from the sun.
  2. The panels convert the photons into direct current (using the conductors and the silicon)
  3. An inverter takes the direct current and converts it to alternate energy which is ready for usage.
Solar Panels are made of crystallized silicon. (Akhila)

Details about our idea

  • We would need about 8,000 square feet of solar panels to get the energy for our school which is 1,030,933 Kw per year (we have a little under 161,800 square feet of room)
  • We would also have room for more to save on days without sun.
  • Texas is a sunny place by nature so we would have sun most of the time.
  • Our school's big flat roof is ideal for solar panels.
  • For the initial cost, we would need to save up some money and we need to pay for maintenance (taking debris off of solar panels, replacing broken ones, etc.) but overall, we would save a lot money.

Where to get the solar panels and what is the cost?

  • Topoint solar panels
  • 190 watts and 13 square feet each
  • $190
  • Entire cost will be about $1,520,000
  • Requires a lot of saving (jai/Ujwal)

Who will add the solar panels?

  • The company selling the panels can install them.
  • You can find people who can install them as well, but it is better to have someone who is experienced in doing it.
  • A company called SolarCity installs solar panels for little money

Where will we get money?

  • We will use fundraisers
  • We will sell lollipops for $1
  • The lollipops will have numbers for a raffle on them
  • Raffle winners will get a gift card
  • Class that sells the most cookies gets a popsicle party
  • A lot of organizations will sponsor the payment like other schools (Ujwal/Laurelai/ Jai)

What are the benefits of solar panels?

  • It reduces green house gases which harms the environment and causes global warming.
  • It is a renewable source of energy.
  • It creates educational opportunities because student can see firsthand how solar panels work and students are better in those fields.

What are the disadvantages of solar panels?

  • Often times, solar energy is highly expensive. Prices can be higher than $9,000.
  • You have to have the correct location to place the panels.
  • Solar panels have batteries to use in the evening hours. However, these take up huge amounts of space and might need replacement.
  • Making solar panels can cause chemical pollution
Big image
SunEdison Solar for Schools powers Irvine Unified School District


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