Jesus Christ Lizard

By: Andrew Bennett

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Things about it

The Jesus Christ Lizard is mainly found in Central America at low elevation levels. Their common name is the common basiliicsk, but is mainly known as the Jesus Christ lizard due to its ability to run on water. The Jesus Christ Lizard is an omnivore. The main thing it eats are insects, flowers and small vertebrates such as snakes, birds, eggs and fish. They are capable of holding their breathe under water for up to 30 minutes.

What is causing them to be endangered?

The biggest risks to the Jesus Christ lizard is pollution and habitat destruction. Habitat destruction is forcing them out of forests and rain forestsx and into unknown territories, causing them to die.

Why should they be preserved?

The Jesus Christ Lizard should be preserved because it helps limit the population of the things that many Americans are scared of, spiders and snakes.